30-та Юбилейна Асамблея на ИМАБ

30-th Jubilee Annual Assembly of IMAB,
and 7-th Annual Meeting of Alumni Club at Medical University Varna,
=under the patronage of the Rector of Varna Medical University=
18 – 21 October 2020,
Congress Center, Hotel Admiral,Resort Golden Sands, Varna, Bulgaria

Dear friends of IMAB,

As time is running more quickly than we realize, 30 years are already behind us from the establishment of the unique organization, the International Medical Association Bulgaria (IMAB), which gave real life to a number of mutual projects between different institutions and societies around the world.
IMAB nowadays is a well-known internationally and distinguished association with partners in many national and foreign organizations and universities.

The main principle and goals of our activities is “Get together”, because a success of any initiative would not be achieved, if it is in the hands of a single player, without true and faithful friends. Therefore, we can declare that our success is the success of all of you, friends of IMAB!

As known from the last years, the Annual Assembly of IMAB has as a Satellite forum the Meeting of the Alumni Club at the Medical University of Varna.
The 30-th Annual Assembly of IMAB will be organized again in the Congress center of Hotel Admiral, Resort Golden Sands, near Varna, where IMAB has its home for the last 15 years.
The main topics are again “Infections and cancer”, as well as varia.
The participants will be again physicians, medical and dental doctors, pharmacists, biologists, health-care specialists and managers.

We shall be happy to welcome again our excellent colleagues and friends from around the world to Varna, where we can again have the spirit of the big family of IMAB for science, expertise, working discussions, culture and cooperation.

Due to the current world-wide threat of Coronoviral infections and the situation with restrictions and cancellation of all public events, we move our joint forum to October 2020.

Please, allow us to extend our warmest invitation to you – come and join us for the Jubilee 30-th Annual Assembly of IMAB, plus the 7-th Annual Meeting of the Alumni Club at Varna Medical University, 18-21 October 2020!

President of IMAB:
Prof. Dr. KrassimirMetodiev

Chair of Alumni Club:
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mario Milkov

Address for applications:
Bulgaria, 9002 Varna, 55 M.Drinov str., Medical University,
Prof. Kr.Metodiev / Assoc.Prof. M.Milkov – for IMAB and Alumni
e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected];

Preliminary Programme