A new project through the EEA Grants fund – Program BG09




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Dear representatives of the academic staff,

Medical University – Plovdiv won a new project – “Increasing the teaching staff’s capacity of Medical University – Plovdiv in training focused on health awareness of Roma communities”. The University has signed such a project contract with the BG09 Program – EEA Grants, “Projects for interinstitutional cooperation”, for the first time. The project will be realized in a contracted 12-month period in 2015 and 2016.

Main ObjectiveThe project aims at increasing the competence level of Bulgarian higher education teaching staff in providing educational support to citizens, representatives of ethnic minorities, including citizens of Roma origin, through cooperation between Bulgaria and EEA EAFT countries (Norway). The project’s activities are directed towards the main objective of the program: using the resources of the financial mechanisms of the EEA Grans Program to support the social and economic integration of citizens of Roma origin.

Specific GoalsThe specific goals of the project are in the field of medical sciences, including different specialties with a concrete focus on health and for the improvement of the social and economic integration of disadvantaged people, including people from Roma origin, by means of education, specific training and research.

Partners The project intends to facilitate the collaboration between Medical University – Plovdiv; Suprass Consult (Norway) – an organization specialized in conducting educational activities among Roma communities; and the Roma 1995 Foundation, which will be responsible for the organization of target groups on the territory of Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Kyustendil.

ActivitiesTen activities are planned during the project. Their successful implementation will increase the competence of higher education teachers from different medical specialties by participating in training programs with a specific focus on increasing health awareness among citizens from various ethnic minorities, including Roma communities. These training programs will be consistent with the specific educational needs of such ethnic groups.

FinancingThe financing of the project is provided through the EEA Grants fund (Program BG09), “Projects for interinstitutional cooperation.” The intensity of the financial grant is 90%. The total financial value of the projects is 226 954.85 EUR.

The financial help from the donor country is necessary for the following:• exchange of professional experience and good practices from the donor country;• conducting two-level integrated educational seminars for higher education teaching staff;• conducting follow-up informational seminars for a group of ethnic minority representatives, including representatives of the Roma community, who will be selected according to strict criteria for optimal coverage (number of participants, region of living and age of participants);• disseminating information about the benefits of the project’s realization in international media and providing sustainability of the project by means of covering a wider scope of individuals within the target group.

Implementation period The implementation period of the project’s activities is from 23 September 2015 to 30 September 2016.

On 13 September 2015 the Academic Body of MU – Plovdiv and the project’s team met with the CEO of Supras Consult Dr. Lars Tov Soeftesad and Mr. Anton Karagyozov from the Roma 1995 Foundation, in order to give a start to the project.


Prof. Marianna Murdjeva, MD, PhD, DMScVice-Rector of International Relations and Project Activity