„At My Library“ by Ehsaan Ahmad

I място в конкурса „В моята библиотека“

At My Library by Ehsaan Ahmad, 2nd year student of Medicine

Today, 10th April 2016 is a very special day to me for two reasons; It is the day I turn 20 and leave my teenage years behind, the first step into becoming a mature adult, or trying to become one. It is also a special day because it is the day where I’m sitting in a library and reflecting the 19 years of my life so far.

When looking back at my years I realise there is one thing I couldn’t have lived without, for some, it might have been their game consoles, or their brand new IPhones, but for me it has to be Libraries and I’m honoured to share some experiences and stories of the times ‘At my Library’.

The Oxford English dictionary defines a library as ‘A building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution’.

For me it holds greater importance, it is like my second house; so much so that I sometimes enter when it opens and throughout the day, would indulge into every possible book that I would end up being dragged out by the librarians when it closes.

As Doris Lessing eloquently stated, a library allows individuals from different diverse backgrounds to be free. It allows one to express their unique individuality without having the concern of being judged or stereotyped. A library is important as it preserves the heritage and history of a town while it opens the horizons and allows one to proliferate their wisdom.

Looking back, I remember a unique experience while in high school; as soon as the lunch bell rang, I would drop everything, pick my bag and sprint to the library in order to secure my copy of ‘Snakehead’ by Anthony Horowitz, which was my favourite novel series as a teenager.

This is just a snapshot of the experiences and times spent ‘At my library’ throughout my 19 years, that has shaped the person who I am today. Libraries have been at the epicentre of how I have developed as a person and have contributed immensely with the skills and qualities I have picked up along the way.

So next time you are in the library, whether it’s keeping up with the headlines, studying for your finals or indulging in your favourite novel, appreciate your time in the library!