Cтипендия на г-жа Анелия Василева

Условията за кандидатсване за стипендията са:

1. Нов/а студент/ка или първокурсник/чка записани за обучение в университета.
2. Фокусът ни е към млади хора лишени от родителски грижи или в общо неравностойно положение.
3. Успех от приемен изпит или общ успех (за първокурсник) над Мн.Добър 5 (пет).

За кандидатсване молим желаещите да изпратят следните документи до 30-ти октомври 2020 г. на посочения емайл адрес: [email protected]

Scholarship Application – по образец

Избраните кандидати ще бъдат поканени на Skype интервю, след което ще изберем кандидата или кандидатката, който ще получи стипендия.

Anelia Vasileva Scholarship Programme

What is Anelia Vasileva Scholarship

The Anelia Vasileva Scholarship programme is for students from disadvantaged backgrounds seeking to attend the Plovdiv University for Medicine. The charity supports students through crowdfunded donations.

Who can apply?

The scholarship programme seeks to provide financial support to high achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend university. Applications are invited to be received from students who meet the following eligibility criteria:
• Will be between 18 and 25 years of age when starting university
• Confirmation of admittance from Plovdiv University (medicine)
• Applicants experiencing genuine financial need (student must complete the hardship section of the application)
• Preference will be given to female candidates
If you are selected you will be required to prove that you meet all of the above criteria.

What does the scholarship offer?

As this is a community led scholarship, the amount of funding available depends on the number of donations, however the scholarship programme currently provides a minimum of EUR 1,500 per annum in financial support to successful applicants. Scholarship payments are paid twice in each year based on successfully passing each semester. Scholarships are subject to the student maintaining satisfactory academic progress and continued enrolment in their course. If these conditions are not met, the scholarship will be terminated.

How do I apply?

The application process is split into two rounds. The first step is to complete the attached application form. At this stage, applicants will be required to provide basic details and answer a series of questions. Applicants that proceed to the second round will be invited to complete a 30-60 minute video interview.

Closing date

Applications close on 30th October 2020.