L’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) has opened the procedure for project proposals for organizing doctoral seminars (Organisationdeséminairesdoctoraux). The project should include a consortium of three universities or research institutions members of AUF, of which at least two are from Central and Eastern Europe. The duration of a project should be no more than 12 months and each could receive up to 10,000 EUR financing, which would cover the mobility expenses of the project participants.

Important documents:

Invitation for Participation

Application Form

The deadline for project proposals is 15th February, 2016. Applications should be addressed to [email protected]. In case you need any additional information, you are encouraged to contact Mrs. Bianca Oprisan, Vice Director of Project Activity at BECO and Mrs. Aneta Tosheva, Institutional Coordinator of AUF at MU – Plovdiv.

Important! You can find lists and contacts of potential project partners at the informational portal of AUF Savior en partage, which contains a data base of 8411 researchers from various fields and disciplines from more than 800 universities around the world. The register is open to teachers, students and researchers, who are interested in finding and establishing professional connections.