The welcome center is a specialized center for administrative and information services for international and Bulgarian students

The center aims at facilitation of the newly admitted student adaptation during the period of education, graduation and realization by offering information and administrative services related to the organization of activities and events, and realization of an active communication between the students and the academic entity.

The specialists in the center provide consultation services to the international students aiming at facilitating the challenge to study in a foreign country and to overcome the cultural shock.

In order to deal with the newly admitted students with the formalities, the unfamiliar social environment and the university structure, the consultants in the center present information in many areas that are not so directly related to the education at first sight but secure comfort and easy adaptation of the students to the educational process and way of life.

At the welcome center you can find support and advice concerning adaptation, support and orientation during your studies.

Confidentiality of the center services

The confidentiality is a compulsory element when consulting the students considering the effective solution of the shared and entrusted problems.

The information about each student who uses the center services is available only for the consultant and the student because confidentiality is an ethical and legal requirement.

Contact details:

Anna Georgieva
Dimitar Sapundzhiev
Phone +359 32 602 229
Mobile +359 879 261 891