Address of the Rector of MU-Plovdiv Prof. Dr. Mariana Murdjeva to the students at the opening of the new school year

Address of the Rector of MU-Plovdiv
Prof. Dr. Mariana Murdjeva to the students
at the opening of the new school year

Dear freshmen,
Welcome to our Alma Mater at the beginning of the 2020/21 school year – September 15th! You will start your education in one of the most authoritative academic institutions in our country. To you, who for the first time cross the threshold of MU-Plovdiv, I wish – “Study for knowledge, not for grades or diplomas, study for your future”!

Dear students,
This school year begins differently due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Organizing full-fledged learning activities is a challenge. Today we open the school year under unusual circumstances – the world is affected by a viral epidemic with cruel potential. This requires the mobilization of all our forces and strict organization for compliance with anti-epidemic measures. Panic is undesirable. We will deal with this as well as other infections. However, a difficult and probably longer than expected battle with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 awaits us. The epidemic situation in the world and the country requires us to start the school year in a hybrid format.

Guided by the principles of maximum effective theoretical and practical training and optimal prevention of coronavirus infection, we have taken the following measures:

· The lectures will be conducted entirely in electronic format.
· The lectures are grouped so that your presence is from home, outside the university and clinical bases.
· Some of the practical classes in the theoretical and preclinical disciplines, as well as in the clinical disciplines can be conducted electronically.
· All lectures and practical classes conducted electronically will be in a synchronous model of communication, ie. in real time to keep the contact alive.
· The present practical classes are organized in compliance with specific anti-epidemic measures, for which you will be instructed in the departments.
· The university has provided personal protective equipment for each student, and you will get it in the coming days.

You will find more information on our website: and in particular in the section Information materials in terms of COVID019

The inspectors from the educational departments of the faculties and the Medical College are at your disposal for answers to your questions . Their contact details are on our website.
As the epidemic situation deepens, attendance may be limited. This will be the biggest challenge in training. But last semester has already passed in which we managed to mobilize all resources and forces to respond to the need to continue the learning process in electronic form.
Dear students, I am convinced that you will accumulated knowledge and competence even in such an environment, and this is indisputable capital that will help you learn to control not only this infection, but also other diseases.
We rely on your awareness and responsibility as future doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives and other medical professionals. You will be responsible for your health and the health of your loved ones, patients and teachers. Be conscious, responsible and reasonable. We, your teachers, will help you in any anxious situation. Together we can do much more.
Let the coronavirus epidemic not erase the joy of a new beginning, of embarking on the path of knowledge, skill and empathy.

I wish you a lot of success, health and strength in the next school year!
Prof. Dr. Mariana Murdjeva