Selection, Admission, Enrollment

  • Calculation of the score for participation in the rating procedure:
    1. Secondary Education Diploma marks in Biology and Chemistry reduced to the six-scale grading system;
    2. Marks from the entrance examinations in Biology and Chemistry multiplied by two;
    3. Maximum score: 36;
    4. Minimum score: 24
  • Applicants who have failing marks in any of the above mentioned tests will not participate in the ranking of admitted students.
  • The marks from the entry tests that are announced are final, they are not subject to revision and are valid only for the year in which the exams are passed.
  • Entrance exams marks for exams sat at other universities will not be considered for rating in Medical University – Plovdiv.
  • The applicants who achieve average excellent mark (not less 5.50 according to the six-grade system) of Biology and Chemistry entrance tests (on the exam dates before the end of July) will receive Conditional Acceptance Letters and after meeting the conditional requirements at the final ranking they will be included in the list of the admitted students.
  • Only applicants who have submitted the whole set of the required application documents (legalized and translated into Bulgarian language as per our requirements) would be included in the final ranking of the applicants.
  • Technical mistakes in the application documents can be corrected only before the rating is announced.
  • The applicants will have to check themselves their exam results and their rating status in the registration system.
    • Final Ranking of the Admitted Students:
      08 September 2021 – for Bulgarian Programmes
      14 September – for English programmes
      (the list of the admitted students will be published on our Website)
    • Enrollment of the Admitted Students in the respective Faculties:
      09 – 13 September 2021 – for Bulgarian Programmes
      15 – 30 September 2021 – for English Programmes
    • Opening of the Academic Year for 1-st year students –
      15 September 2021 – for Bulgarian Programmes
      01 October 2021 – for English Programmes

      The applicants who are included in the final ranking lists will have personally to enroll within the periods stipulated above at the Registrar’s Offices of the faculties they are admitted to:

      Medical Faculty
      University Information Center
      II Floor, office 22
      15 A, Vasil Aprilov Blvd.
      Registrar: Ms. Denitza Dobrovska
      Tel.: +359 32 200 714

      Faculty of Dental Medicine
      II Floor
      3, Hristo Botev Blvd.
      Registrar: Ms. Mirena Dimitrova
      Tel.: +359 32 200 807

      Faculty of Pharmacy
      II Floor
      15 A, Vasil Aprilov Blvd.
      Registrar: Ms. Rosina Karpacheva
      Tel.: +359 32 200 753

    • They have to have paid their semester tuition fee (half of the annual fee) by bank transfer one week prior the date of the enrollment and bring a copy of the bank statement. In case they pay the semester tuition fee in cash on the spot they will have first to take a payment note form the respective Registrar, pay at a bank office of Unicredict Bulbank and bring the payment statement back to the Registratr’s office.
    • They will get a set of documents from the Registrar to be filled in and signed – Admission form, Contract of Education in 3 copies, Student Book and Student Card.
    • After they present the filled in documents, bank statement and passport the Registrar will enroll them as students of the faculties and give the Faculty No and group No. and the schedule of their lectures and practicals.
    • The applicant who will enroll in one-year preparatory course in Bulgarian or English language will enroll in:

      University Information Center
      I Floor, Office 2
      15 A, Vasil Aprilov Blvd.
      Registar: Ms. Elena Dushilova
      Tel.: +359 32 200 701


  • Accepted students cannot defer the beginning of their studies for the following year/intake as the application and the admission are for the particular academic year (the academic year you applied for).
  • Non-accepted applicants or not enrolled admitted students may:
    1. enroll in English/Bulgarian Preparatory Course by 29 October 2021 and apply and sit the entry exams next academic year again;
    2. withdraw their application documents;
    3. leave the documents in the Foreign Student Admission Office and apply and sit the entrance exams next academic year again.
    The Application Documents are kept in MU-Plovdiv only for 1 year!