Announcement for students of the Medical University of Plovdiv regarding the completion of the summer semester of the academic year 2019/2020

Announcement for students of the Medical University of Plovdiv regarding the completion of the summer semester of the academic year 2019/2020

Dear students,

For 75 years, the Medical University of Plovdiv has proven that its teaching staff and students are the pillars which give life and future to the most humane dreams.
The emerging COVID-19 pandemic has become a challenge for our preparation, for our knowledge and skills to work in a team, to be organized and adequate to the dynamic situation. I would like to thank all teaching staff and students for their commitment and efforts.

It is a general opinion of the Academic Board of MU – Plovdiv that a timely and good organization for conducting distance learning in the state of emergency in the country was created.
I am convinced that all the conditions are in place for the summer semester of the academic year to be completed by the end of May 2020 in accordance with the Calendar Plan for the academic year 2019/2020 and the Decision of the Rector’s Council – Protocol No. 7/14.04.2020.

The proposal of the Student Council to extend by one week the summer internships after III- and IV-year students in the specialty “Medicine” was approved within the same Protocol.
Modern technologies make it possible to create an adequate organization for a retake of the missed practicals before the end of the semester in a distant education format.

In accordance with the Decision of the Academic Council – Protocol No. 5/16.04.2020, conditions will be provided for conducting exams in a distance and/or on-site form, if the epidemic situation allows this. The decision on the form of the examinations depends on the capabilities of the academic departments and the specificity of the disciplines in strict observance of the anti-epidemic measures.

Given the expected discontinuing of the state of emergency in our country, but continuing similar emergency measures in other countries, it is likely that there will be a mixed option for the exams:

• for students who are not in our country all exams will be in a distance electronic form;
• for students who are in our country exams will be in a distance electronic form for the subjects which allow electronic testing and on-site for the rest of the subjects.

Detailed information about this will be announced by each department after 15.05.2020 through the electronic platform MS Office 365 and on the website of MU – Plovdiv in the section “Distance Learning”.

Distance electronic exams during the summer exam session will be conducted through the Office 365 platform and the applications MS Teams, MS Forms, Cisco Webex Meetings as well as Moodle for Medical College and the e-learning platform for the Faculty of Public Health.

The necessary technical requirements for taking an exam are:

• A device with a camera and a microphone installed, and network connectivity with parameters not less than 5 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps upload. You can check your speed here (Show more info).
• Installed MS Teams or access to it through a web browser. Should you decide to opt for the latter, we recommend the use of the latest versions of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Dear students,
As always, we rely on your correct assessment of the current situation and your understanding of the challenges ahead of all of us.
Thank you for your active involvement and sense of responsibility!
Be ever so creative and motivated!

Prof. Dr. Marianna Murdjeva
Medical University – Plovdiv