Are you acquainted with the Rules for participation in MUP Adventure?


‘MUP Adventure’ is a team contest that combines logic, knowledge and quick-wittedness. The teams will have to look for different locations in the area of the University and to solve and complete different tasks.

1. Who can participate: Students from Bulgarian and English courses in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy from MUP (1st-6th year)
2. Teams: Each team consists of 5 people and at least one of the participants must be of different sex from the others. The team chooses its captain and he/she is the one who communicates with the judges. The teams have to pick a color that will distinguish them. It is recommended that the color of their T-shirts matches the team’s color.
3. Registrations and quotas: Each team has to choose a name of the team, color, specify the names of all participants as well as their year of study. Because of the limitation in the number of teams (3 Bulgarian and 3 English), the first 6 registered teams (3 Bulgarian and 3 English) will have the right to participate.
4. Starter packs: In the beginning each team will receive its starter pack which consists of:
• Map of the area
• Instructions
• Team passport in which will be marked the locations that are covered
• Compass
• Surprise
5. Start: The starting point for all teams will be in front of the Auditorium Complex at 16:30h. They must be there at least 30 minutes before the start for final instructions and questions. If any of the registered teams do not show up at the event, they lose their right to participate and will get poor grades on all subjects for the upcoming semester. 🙂
6. Locations: Upon arriving at each sight the teams receive a task that they have to solve. After completing the task, the judge decides whether the task is worked out correctly and gives the team a letter with instructions for the next location. If the task is not solved, the team must wait 2 minutes before trying again.
Each location gives the opportunity for two teams to play simultaneously. Priority is given to the team that has arrived first. If a team does not succeed in solving the task, they have to wait and their place is taken by the next team waiting. If a team decides to quit, they are penalized by having to wait 15 minutes.
7. Game rules:
• Participants must work in groups and keep the distance between them not greater than 20 m. If there is a violation of the rule, the team is penalized by having to wait 2 minutes.
• Participants are allowed to walk only in pedestrian areas. Walking over grass areas or jumping over fences is forbidden. In case of violation, the team is penalized by having to wait 2 minutes.
• Teams are not allowed to use mobile phones or any electronic devices (apart from the ones given to them at the start). If there is a violation of this rule, the team is penalized by waiting 5 minutes.
• Teams are not allowed to cheat or to help each other (except for a case of health problem that requires help). If there is a violation both teams could be penalized by having to wait between 5 to 10 minutes. Cheating is not allowed – just as it is not tolerated during an exam. 🙂
• Fair play. Any insults, mockery or using physical force is absolutely forbidden and it will be penalized by the judges either by waiting for 10 minutes or disqualification of the entire team. In case of disputes, the judges’ decision will be final.
• Teams have to wait for penalty minutes to be totaled before crossing the finishing line.
8. Results: The winner is the first team to arrive at the finishing line after completing all tasks.
9. Prize – Surprise. 🙂