Mobility of Students and PhD students

Students should have at least two semesters completed in order to apply for the CEEPUS programme.
The programme provides scholarships for studies and internships ranging from 3 days up to 10 months for students and without restrictions for PhD students.
Group student mobilities of 3 to 6 days can also take place. There are opportunities for summer and winter schools, as described in the network programme.
For students of MU-Plovdiv, who are not citizens of a CEEPUS member country, it is necessary to submit an “ACADEMIC EQUAL STATUS” Document (official certificate of current student status). For further details, please see the following site:

Teacher mobility

The programme provides scholarship for teaching and/or supervision for a minimum of six hours per week, for at least one work week (five work days).

Each member country and university have additional requirements, about which the applicant receives information from the host upon approval of his/her application in the CEEPUS system, as well as from the country section on the CEEPUS website.