Educational seminars in Salzburg organized by the American Austrian Foundation “AAF”

The OMI – Salzburg Medical Seminars (the Salzburg-Weill Cornell Seminars, the Salzburg-CHOP Seminars for Pediatrics, the Salzburg-Cleveland Seminars, the Salzburg-Duke Seminar and the Salzburg-Columbia Seminars) are the first step in OMI’s postgraduate medical education program. The seminars are taught by physicians from leading American hospitals and their affiliated medical schools and are directed to physicians practicing in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the former Soviet Union and other countries in transition.
The program operates under the auspices of The American Austrian Foundation and the Salzburg Stiftung of the AAF, and is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and the Open Society Foundations, as well as corporate and individual donors.

Dr Yordan Kalchev took part in the educational seminars in Salzburg, organized by the American Austrian Foundation “AAF” and shared the following:

“It has been a great pleasure for me to take part in the Salzburg seminar on Vector-borne diseases organized by the American Austrian Foundation and Institut Pasteur. It was not only because of the high-quality lectures delivered by renowned and experienced scientists, but also the remarkable atmosphere of the Arenberg castle and the city of Salzburg itself. It was a unique experience that helped me to enhance my knowledge in the field and to establish contacts with many colleagues of mine throughout the world for future collaboration. Being involved in this educational program is a matchless opportunity so I encourage everyone to apply for their relevant course.”