Department of Social Medicine and Public Health

Academic Staff, Department of Social Medicine and Public Health, Medical University of Plovdiv
Academic Staff, Department of Social Medicine and Public Health, Medical University of Plovdiv


e-mail :
Phone : 032/602-288

Educational learning activities

Lecturers from the department lead lessons in Bulgarian and English in:

  • Medical Faculty
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Medical College -MU Plovdiv.

Disciplines that are leaded are:

  • Social medicine
  • Medical Ethics
  • Medical Statistics

The innovations introduced in the learning process are:

  • Inclusion of role-playing games in the learning process;
  • Preparation of presentations and papers from the students;
  • Active student involvement in the preparation of a training film.

The department conducts final-year internship for medical students before the state exam in social medicine.
In 2013 the department gained accreditation of its doctoral program in „Social medicine and organization of healthcare and pharmacy“ for a period of six years. Over the past four years 14 postgraduate students have been on a specialization in the department, most of whom have passed the exam for diploma. Currently there are 5 graduates who are still trained.

Academic Staff

Prof. Rumen Stefanov, MD, Phd – Head of Department

Prof. Rumen Stefanov
Phone: 032 200 580

Prof. Мarya Stoykova Bratoycheva, DD, PhD

Професор Мария Стойкова
Phone: 032 200 574

Assoc. Prof. Tsonka Miteva-Katrandzhieva, DD, Phd

Tsonka Miteva-Katrandzhieva
Phone: 032 200 577


Assoc. Prof. Georgi Iskrov, PhD

Georgi Iskrov
Phone: 032 200 578


Assoc. Prof. Nina Musurlieva, DD, Phd

Nina Musurlieva
Phone: 032 200 578

Assoc. Prof. Yulia Peeva, DD

Yulia Peeva
Phone: 032 200 579


Senior Аsst. prof. Eleonora Hristova, MD, PhD

Eleonora Hristova
Phone: 032 200 575


Asst. Prof. Victoria Mandova, DD

Victoria Mandova
Phone: 032 200 576


Senior Asst. Prof. Ralitsa Raycheva, MEcon, PhD

Ralitsa Raycheva
Phone: 032 200 575


Asst. Prof. Kostadin Kostadinov, MD

Phone: 032 200 579

Asst. Prof. Kostadin Dimitrov

Костадин Димитров
Phone: 032 200 576

D-r Ivelina Popova

Phone: 032 200 576

Staff assistant

Vasi Aneva – secretary
Tel: 032 / 602-288

Vasi Slavcheva – hygienist

Head of Department:

Assoc. Prof. Todor Zahariev (1951 – 1973)
Prof. Dr. Nicholas Zapryanov, PhD (1973 – 1994)
Prof. Dr. Ivo Dimitrov, PhD (1994 – 2004 )
Assoc. Dilyana Lyahova, PhD (2004 – 2008)
Prof. Dr. Rumen Stefanov, PhD (2008-2011)
Prof. Dr. Maria Stoykova, PhD (2011-2020)

Research activities

Department’s research topics include:

  • Rare diseases
  • Health-related quality of life
  • Current demographic problems and ethical issues
  • Pedagogical aspects of medical statistics
  • Quality evaluation of out- and inpatient care
  • Clinical management
  • History of medicine
  • Epidemiological registries
  • Health technology assessment

Since 2012, Department’s faculty have produced more than 200 publications in Bulgarian and foreign scientific journals, as well as seven monographs. More than 120 scientific reports have been presented in national and international forums.

Department’s members actively participate in university, national and international research projects, as well as in Erasmus mobility.

Department has been organizing annual events, such as the Gala Evening of Social Medicine and Public Health, and the National Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs.

Department’s faculty are members of leading international organizations, including European Public Health Association (EUPHA), Balkan Association of History and Philosophy of Medicine (BAHPM), International Conference for Rare Diseases Society (ICORD), Central and Eastern European Genetic Network (CEEGN), International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC), Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi).

Department has been regularly holding research clubs for students of medicine and dentistry.




Published monographies by lecturers in the department

  1. Stoykova M. What are the risks, what is the quality of life and is there a social rehabilitation in patients with cancer in the mouth. Medical University – Plovdiv 2012, 81p, ISBN 978-954-9549-66-9
  2. Stoyanov D., M. Stoykova Burnout syndrome: origin and significance for medicine. Q: Edited by Stoyanov D. Personality, psycho-climate and burnout syndrome. “East-West” 2012: 24-35. ISBN 978 619 152 152 4
  3. Tilov B., Dimitrova E., Torniyova B., Stoykova M. et al. Standardization and validation tools. Q: Edited by Stoyanov D. Personality, psycho-climate and burnout syndrome. “East-West” 2012: 88-120 ISBN 978 619 152 152 4
  4. Stoykova M, Harizanova St, Stoyanov Dr.- Introduction and Background of the Studies in the Field of Burnout Syndrome (BOS). In: Di Nardo P, Stoyanov D. New Model of Burn Out Syndrome: Towards Early Diagnosis and Prevention. 9220 Aalborg, Denmark, 2014: 1-7 ISBN: 978-87-93102-70-5 (Print) ISBN 978-87-93102-71-2 (Ebook)
  5. Musurlieva N, Boyadjiev E., Stoykova M. Oral hygiene and chronic periodontitis. Medical University – Plovdiv 2016 with 68. ISBN 978-619-7085-76-1