iMed Conference’s Innovate Competition

The iMed Conference’s Innovate Competition is a competition for undergraduate and master Life Sciences’ students, integrated in research teams, who are challenged to present their current project and present an original idea, based on their line of investigation, to a jury. The project can be either Basic or Translational Research.

The final selected abstracts will be presented during the iMed Conference®, which will take place in Lisbon, from September 30th to October 4th.

The winning projects within the two categories of the competition – Basic and Translational Research – will be awarded a Research Grant, of a total of 8.000€, with 3.000€ grants for each winning Oral Presentation and 1.000€ for each winning Poster.

The Research Grants are financed by the Fundação AstraZeneca, and are awarded to the Principal Investigator’s lab responsible for the research project, which must support the candidate’s application through a letter of recommendation and by committing to support the development of the candidate’s project.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: April 1st to May 15th 2020

Email us the following documents ([email protected]):

1 – Abstract (based on the results obtained with your research project);

2 – Proof of High Education Enrollment (School Year 2019/2020);

3 – Annexes (Term of Responsibility; Informed Consent; Declaration of Conflicts of Interest; Letter of Recommendation) – models provided here;

4 – Participant personal contact (phone Number).

Here you may find the promotional Poster of the Innovate Competition, the Rules of Procedure and a simplified explanation of the competition, which we would be grateful if you could divulge with the Medicine and other Health Students of your institution.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions, through the following email: [email protected]
Kind Regards,

Margarida Pereira & Leonor Teles

Innovate Competition Coordinators | iMed Conference 12.0 Organising Committee

NOVA Medical School | FCM | Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Contact: (+351) 911 037 872 | 963 776 131