Applying for a group selection for an internship


Applying does not automatically give you a place in the selected internship group !

1. You need to fill in the registration form, all fields are required! After successful submission of the information, a confirmation link will be sent to your university e-mail address.

2. You need to confirm your application by following the link received on your university email. The link is valid for 24 hours !

3. Applications are considered in the order of confirmation.

4. Applications that meet the requirements for paid semester fee (attached valid document for paid fee in .jpg or .pdf format, not larger than 2.5 MB) and successfully passed exams are approved if there are vacancies in the selected group and the applicant a notification e-mail is sent.

5. Requests filled in with incorrect, incomplete or incorrect data are canceled, as the candidates are notified by email and they are given the opportunity to re-apply for the currently vacant places.

Group : 1467891115161725262728
Free places in group : 00003000000000