Official start of the first professional training course for paramedics in Plovdiv

The rector of the Medical University of Plovdiv Prof. Marianna Murdjeva, DM, officially launched the professional training for the “Paramedic” specialty on December 3, Saturday.

“We all know the state of our health system, we know how many challenges and difficulties it faces. For this reason, I am convinced that with the training for paramedics, Medical University of Plovdiv not only supports healthcare, but also takes a step forward in the reform of the healthcare system. I want to congratulate you on choosing this important nowadays profession, which will make you truly dedicated to people’s health and humanity – it is the slogan of our university. You are to be commended for taking time out of your own commitments to start exactly this type of training to be on the front line in protecting people’s health,” said Prof. Murjeva in her welcome speech to the students.

In front of the future paramedics and the official guests, Prof. Murdjeva reminded that MU-Plovdiv is a university that stands very well in various national rankings of education in the country. According to the latest ranking for scientific research activities in over 50 Bulgarian universities, Medical University – Plovdiv is in the Top 5 according to various indicators. Recently, the results of the Annual Ranking of the higher education institutions in Bulgaria were published, in which for the fifth year in a row MU-Plovdiv won first place in the professional field “Medicine”, and from this year – also first place in the professional field “Public Health”.

“Medicine and public health are the two areas in which you will actively work in just one year. It is an honor for you to study here because the human resources at the disposal of the Medical University of Plovdiv and the university hospitals in Plovdiv are very significant,” said Prof. Murdjeva.

Official guests of the event, along with the rector Prof. Murdjeva, were the Vice Rector of Science and Research Activities Prof. Dr. Blagoi Marinov, the director of the Medical College at MU-Plovdiv Assoc. Prof. Maria Bozhkova, the Vice Dean Science and Research Activities of the Faculty of dental medicine Prof. Dr. Georgi Tomov, Smolyan deputy Mihail Kambarev and his associate Ivaylo Turnaliyev. Teachers and methodological experts from the Professional Training Center were also present, including the head of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. George University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment – Dr. Kiril Atliev (methodological expert for the profession “Paramedic”), and the head of the Internal Diseases Unit in the same department, Dr. Ventsislav Filipov.

Through an online link, Dr. Radosveta Mitova-Wells, Program Director of Emergency Medicine at the University of Texas at El Paso, USA, joined the official opening. Dr. Wells will be part of the teaching team of the “Paramedic” specialty at the Professional Training Center of MU-Plovdiv. She said that for years she has dreamed of returning to Bulgaria and passing on at least part of the experience she has acquired. “All of us in the Department of Emergency Medicine and the President of the University of Texas are ready to support the new professional training for paramedics,” said Dr. Wells. Through her teaching, the students will literally have the opportunity to touch the modern global trends in emergency medicine training, explained Prof. Murdjeva. Dr. Radosveta Wells will have practical classes with the students in the innovative and unique Medical Simulation Training Center of MU-Plovdiv.

Ivaylo Turnaliyev, an associate of the people’s representative from Smolyan, Mihail Kambarev, welcomed the start of training and recalled that the Smolyan region is a prime example of the need for paramedics. During the official opening, the hosts and guests discussed the possibility of organizing a course for paramedics especially for citizens of Smolyan, who could then find professional development in their hometown.

The ceremonial start of training for paramedics was given in the building of the Professional Training Center of MU-Plovdiv, where a large part of the classes of future paramedics will take place – all 450 hours of theory and part of a total of 510 hours of practice with medical simulators. A large number of practical activities will also be organized in the Medical Simulation Training Center of MU-Plovdiv. The course participants will also be trained in the largest university hospital – “St. George” University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment. There they will have the opportunity to meet trainers who are doctors specializing in “Emergency Medicine”, “Surgery”, “Cardiology”, said the director of the Professional Training Center Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vesela Stefanova.

Paramedics with the third degree of professional qualification for providing first aid will be trained at the Professional Training Center of MU-Plovdiv. They will be able to work in emergency medical centers, in structures with the main activity of providing emergency/first aid, as well as in emergency response services as part of rescue teams. The professional qualification certificate they will receive at the end of their studies is valid in Bulgaria and the EU countries, explained Assoc. Prof. Stefanova.