“OMNIA” entrepreneurship training

Within the project “OMNIA” at Plovdiv Medical University a training in entrepreneurship and career development for students, PhD students and graduates will be held. You will acquire valuable knowledge and skills for your future realisation on the labor market, the implementation of your entrepreneurial ideas, the creation and development of your own business.
You will receive answers to questions such as:

✅️How to find your own dental/medical office or medical center?
✅️How is the office equipped and what documentation is needed?
✅️How to register as a sole trader?
✅️How to open and manage your own pharmacy?
✅️How is a pharmaceutical company run?
✅️How to run a hospital?
✅️How to work with the NHIF?

You will also have the opportunity to develop your “soft skills”:
1. Time Management
2. Leadership
3. Learning Methods
4. Stress Management
5. Public Speaking and Improvisation
6. Team Dynamics
7. Communication skills
8. Motivation
10. Problem solving

The main lecture course will be held online, but there is also a practical part, which is planned to be held in person. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion!
Hurry up and join the training!
▶️ https://forms.office.com/r/GJj8sUHNEt