Already using the online textbooks of McGraw-Hill? Subscription for 2018 renewed

MU – Plovdiv has renewed its subscription to the AccessMedicine platform – an electronic collection of medical textbooks created by McGraw-Hill Medical. In 2018 both lecturers and students will once again have the opportunity to access 110+ textbooks in a number of pre-clinical and clinical disciplines, integrated drug database, reference information, thousands of images and videos, case files. The interactive platform also offers options for creating study programs and plans, self-assessment quizzes and tests. The resource now provides access to new content in the field of healthcare business, healthcare systems, medical ethics, biostatistics and others.
AccessMedicine is available within the university network on, as well as remotely by using the remote access services offered by the Library and Information Center. Find a short introduction to AccessMedicine here, and a list of available textbooks here.