Psychological Counseling Available for the Students of MU – Plovdiv

At The Medical University – Plovdiv, Bulgarian and foreign students can now receive psychological counseling from a qualified psychologist and psychotherapist with many years of experience.

Psychological counseling aims to help to better understand the problems that students face. The psychologist can provide understanding and support, taking into account the values, preferences and cultural characteristics of the client at the consultation. With longer work, the counselor can help you understand the deeper causes of the problems and the feelings that accompany them.

If you need emotional support or have to make important decisions and develop new skills in connection with the university education; in case of problems with adaptation to a new environment; in case of communication and interpersonal difficulties, stress, anxiety and depression make an appointment by e-mail : [email protected] . You may use this address to ask your questions about the nature and stages of the consultation process.

Due to the epidemic situation, the meetings are held online in Microsoft Teams and last 40-50 minutes.
The counseling is carried out in compliance with all the rules of good professional psychological practice.