Report form for missed lectures or exercises


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Procedure for reporting missed lectures or exercises

The purpose of the procedure is timely signaling to the department and the management of MU-Plovdiv for the missed lecture or exercise in order to take timely measures to eliminate problems

  1. The procedure aims to inform the management of the department, faculty and university about the omission in the teaching of lectures or exercises.
  2. The procedure can be triggered if the relevant lecture or exercise does not start at least half an hour after the pre-announced place, date and time.
  3. To be completed in a specially created form on the university website.
    1. The form must contain the facts:
    2. Faculty, course, group
    3. Type of missed training - lecture or exercise
    4. Discipline
    5. Program teacher to conduct the lecture or exercise
    6. Department of the respective lecturer
    7. What time should the lecture or exercise begin
    8. How many hours has a lecturer or lecturer failed to show up
    9. Comment - Free Text
  4. The missed exercise letter is signed by at least half of the group with their names and faculty numbers,
  5. The missed lecture letter is entered through institutional email of one of the group leaders of the respective stream and is signed by at least 10 students from the stream.
  6. The notification of the violation is automatically sent to the head of the department, the vice-dean for educational activity, the vice-dean for quality management, the vice-rector for educational activity, the vice-rector for quality management and a Quality Expert. < / li>
  7. After the first received signal in the department, its head is obliged to check, establish and eliminate the problem that led to not taking a lecture or exercise, and to inform the officials under item 7 that he has taken corrective action. < / li>
  8. In case of a second signal to the same department, the Faculty Quality Commission is obliged to make an inspection and report the result to the Vice Rector of Quality.
  9. Deputy Rector for Quality prepares a report to the Rector of MU-Plovdiv.