A team of students from the medical university plovdiv will participate in the tournament “Euro Milano 2017” between 28.4. – 01.05.17

This is the 17th edition of an international university tournament in Milan.
Various university teams compete against each other in different disciplines.

The disciplines comprise of football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and a cheerleading dance contest.
An aim of this event is to bring young people together in the course of their studies with different cultures and to measure themselves on a sporting level.
In addition, it is a further goal to create friendships between countries and universities.
Participants at the previous tournament in 2016 came from different universities from all over the world.
Last year teams from Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Spain and Russia participated. Previous year, 19 different countries with several universities participated in the “Euro Milano”.

The team of the University of Plovdiv has been playing regularly for more than half a year and regularly take part in tournaments.
In the past, the team had the idea to compete with other teams at a high level at an international tournament.
The internationally acclaimed university tournament “Euro Milano” was selected. On the part of the university, the idea attracted great interest. On the trust of the Medical University of Plovdiv a team to put also followed the implementation.
The team consists of 7 German students, all studying at the MU Plovdiv.

The following players will participate in the EuroMilano:

Niklas Euchner (21 Years, Balingen, 2nd year Medicine), David Kreuels ( 21 years, Nürnberg, 2nd year Medicine), Muhamed Sharaf ( 24 Years, Düsseldorf, 2nd year Medicine), Matthias Kunst ( 24 years, Stuttgart, 2nd year Medicine), Leonard Fink ( 21 years, Gießen, 2nd year Medicine), Gleb Meyer ( 23 Years, Hamburg, 1st year, Dental Medicine), Constantin Kernich ( 27 years, Hamburg, 2nd year Medicine)

Our team is accompanied by Albena Ivanova from the Sports Department of the Medical University of Plovdiv.

The goal of the team is to establish contacts with other international universities.
In addition, of course, a good performance of the team at the tournament is the focus.

All team members are highly motivated to represent their University of Plovdiv.
Indirectly, participation will be an image gain not only for the university, but also for the future European cultural city of Plovdiv.

MU-Plovdiv football team
MU-Plovdiv football team

Back row – left to right: Constantin Kernich, David Kreuels, Gleb Meyer, Matthias Kunst

Front row – left to right: Leonard Fink, Niklas Euchner, Muhamed Sharaf