Survey among the students, for updating the Bulgarian University Ranking System

Dear students,

In connection with conducting a sociological survey among the students, necessary for updating the Bulgarian University Ranking System, we invite you to actively participate and share your opinion by filling in an electronic questionnaire at the following addresss by 29th April 2020

The survey is anonymous and the data obtained will be used only for the purposes of the Ranking System, which provides data on the most sought after specialties and professions in our country.

Dear students, we are convinced that all of you have chosen to be part of the academic community of Medical University – Plovdiv, because you follow your dreams and believe that our University gives you the best preparation in terms of knowledge and practical skills for your future profession.
It is of utmost importance that you answer objectively to the questions relating to the study process, scientific research, training and facilities, as well as to the social and administrative services that our University provides you.

We are honoured and satisfied to announce that Medical University – Plovdiv is the first that implemented on-line synchronized training and distance learning with your active participation.

Remember that your positive attitude is of great importance not only for the good image of MU – Plovdiv but also it will help the future applicants to make the right choice for a university, which is a guarantee for successful professional realization and public prestige.

Medical University – Plovdiv takes pride in the fact that at the centre of its modern academic education that fosters scientific thinking, are the students who are both the present of the University and the future of the nation.

We wish you all success and satisfaction!

We look forward to your assistance and thank you for your time!