The Researchers’ Night 2019 is knocking on the door!

Everyone is welcome to the „Talents of MU – Plovdiv“concert!

We would like to present to you the talented students and professors of our University.
You will have the pleasure to enjoy their performances on September 27th, 2019 from 4:00 pm in First Auditorium I of MU – Plovdiv, 15A Vassil Aprilov str.

Ass. Chariloas Xenodochidis – assistant in “Medical Physics and Biophysics” department
Maria-Yoana Yankova – 6th year, Medicine
Demitra Gospodinova – 2nd year, Medicine
Katerina Mihaylova – 2nd year, Medicine
Remi Akindele – 4th year, Medicine
Ife-Oluwa Adeyemi – 3rdyear, Medicine
Stilianus Grigoriadis – 3rd year, Medicine
Zlata Demirova – 1st year, Medicine

Verginia Borisova – 6th year, Dental Medicine
Hristina Vlahova – 5th year, Dental Medicine
Elitsa Sirakova – 2nd year, Dental Medicine
Radostina Gungalova – 1st year, Dental Medicine

Nadezhda Dimova – 5th year, Pharmacy
Sofia Milanova – 2nd year, Pharmacy
Gergana Kirova – 2nd year, Pharmacy

Alexander Atanasov – 2nd year, Dental Medicine
Yosif Bunbin – 2nd year, Rehabilitation

Gospel choir „Vessel of Praise“
Dance group “Medic”
Folklore choir “Veselie”
The Persuasians’ Band

Let’s be TOGETHER to support the TALENTS of MU – Plovdiv!