Useful and inspiring Student Science Academy at MU – Plovdiv

18th April 2021 marks the successful completion of the first ever edition of the lecture course Student Science Academy, organized by the Educational and Research Activities Committee of the Student Council of Plovdiv Medical University and the Youth Science Association „Asclepius “.

The event was intended for the students of Medical University – Plovdiv who are interested in science and it was carried out in a virtual environment in the form of 8 lectures which were separated into 3 modules. Among the topics discussed were:

  • The price of scientific information and the basics which need to be taken into consideration when starting a scientific project;
  • How to handle electronic scientific databases and how to properly use literary references;
  • Fundamentals of clinical-diagnostic research and scientific investigation methods;
  • Fundamentals of statistical methods in scientific research;
  • How to properly structure and present a science project;
  • How to present a clinical case.

The Student Council sends heartfelt thanks and gratitude to prof. dr. Victoria Sarafian, prof. dr. Marianna Murdjeva, prof. dr. Rumen Stefanov, assoc. prof. dr. Maria Tokmakova, assoc. prof. dr. Ivan Novakov, dr. Milena Gulinac, dr Teodora Karteva, Maya Urumova, Tsonka Kostadinova, Paola Spasova, who shared their priceless experience in the scientific field with us and without whom this event could not have been carried out!

Special thanks to all colleagues who actively participated in the course!