VI-th International Academic Conference “e-methodology”

On behalf of Wroclaw Medical University, Department of Public Health

and Foundation “Pro Scientia Publica”

we invite you to take part in VIth International Academic Conference “e-methodology”

at 21 May 2021 – online (platform details soon).


International Academic Conference “e-methodology” is dedicated to the difficulties connected with research in social sciences and humanities conducted by means of the Internet, as well as the opportunities that it provides.

We accept theoretical lectures on this subject, lectures presenting the results of research conducted on or by means of the Internet (understood as a research environment and/or a research tool) and lectures about the projects connected with the general topic. We would like the authors to pay special attention to the specificity of “Internet methodology”.

The conference participants are entitled to submit their papers for the annual international publication “e-methodology”.

We propose four sections:

1) “About the Internet” – Theory (Theoretical papers on the difficulties and the opportunities created by using the Internet in scientific research)

2) “On the Internet” – Research (The results of research conducted by means of the Internet)

3) “With the Internet”

– Projects (Project reports and research/educational projects presenting the opportunities provided by using the Internet)

– Practice (Communication with the patient/client via the Internet; problems of self-diagnosis on the Internet; use of new technologies in the medicine, in the promotion of health)

4) We are planning to organize a special session on risk perception and communication patterns on infectious diseases on the Internet with a special focus on COVID-19.


Applying for the conference 23.04.2021 here:

Conference fee 23.04.2021: for students and Ph.D. students: 30 Euro, scientific workers: 60 Euro, and Erasmus+ Students: free!

Deadline for sending abstracts for publication in the book of abstracts: 15.04.2021

Submitting a paper for the “e-methodology” publication: 21.05.2021

All further information can be found at:

And on our Facebook: e-methodology

If you have any questions, feel free to ask at: [email protected]


The e-methodology team