Important information about the new Project “STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS-PHASE 1”


The new Project “STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS-PHASE 1” will start on 10th May 2016.

The main difference this semester is that there will be no achievement scholarships because none of the specialties in  the Medical University-Plovdiv is included in the list of priority professional tendencies shown in the Council of Ministers Decree № 64/25.03.2016.

All full-time students studying at the Medical University-Plovdiv will be able to apply only for  “The Special Achievements Scholarships”. Conditions and rules for application are described below in the EXCERPT FROM THE RULES   OF THE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY  – PLOVDIV FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP GRANTING, approved   by the Rector in compliance with the requirements of the Project Instructions.


Inspector D. Atanasova will accept documents of  students applying for the scholarships from specialties Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Nurses, Midwifery and Health Care Management in the Rectorate Building/floor 1/. It is mandatory to present a student book for grade authentication.

Inspector M.Dimitrova will accept application documents of students applying for scholarships from all specialties at the Medical College       


Deadline for application is from 10.05.2016 to 02.06.2016 and the deadline for generating of the forms in the applied program of the Project is until 30.05.2016!!!


It is recommended every student willing to apply for this type of scholarship to consult in advance with the inspectors in charge of  the Project in the beginning  of the campaign.


For more information please see attached document