„Intercultural night“ – Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Event in MU Plovdiv

„Intercultural night“ – Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Event   Dear students, Students from Erasmus Student Network (ESN)-  Plovdiv are organizing an event called „Intercultural night“. The event will take place on April 22-th at 18:00h in the Auditorium complex. Students from Medical University of Plovdiv are invited to attend the event. Erasmus in-coming students will represent their countries by an interesting and attractive way. We would like to empower the intercultural dialogue between students in order to know each other, to meet with different people, to overcome differences of race, religion and nationality, and human values. Atanas Toshev President of ESN Plovdiv

Erasmus Student Network Bulgaria e-mail: [email protected] phone: 00359 899264045