Лекция на тема „Saliva Based Diagnostics“ с лектор Prof. Aaron Palmon

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Saliva Based Diagnostics

Лектор: Prof. Aaron Palmon
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

The ability to monitor health status, disease onset and progression, and treatment outcome through non-invasive means is a most desirable goal in the health care promotion and delivery. Oral fluid (OF) being the “mirror of the body” was suggested as a perfect noninvasive medium to be explored for health and disease surveillance. Two major barriers to using OF as a diagnostic fluid has been that the protein profile of OF is dominated by a subset of abundant proteins mainly salivary alpha-amylases (sAA), Albumins (Alb) and immunoglobulins that mask potential low abundance biomarkers and the fact that many informative analyses are generally present in lower amounts in saliva than in serum.
The lecture will describe new technologies that overcome these major problems and increase the diagnostic value of OF. During the lecture, both Laboratory and clinical tests will be described.

Дата и час:
31.03 (петък) от 09:00 ч.

Aудитория № 9 на Аудиторен комплекс, ет.3
Медицински университет – Пловдив
бул. „Васил Априлов“ 15А