Materials, Methods and Technologies Conference in Bulgaria

Dear Colleague,

I am pleased to invite you to participate in the 24th International Conference on Materials, Methods and Technologies, to be held between 19- 22 August 2022 in Burgas, Bulgaria. Learn more and register.

The event is organized jointly by Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Science and Education Foundation and partners.

We will be as flexible as we can to allow delegates to switch registration types between „on-site“ and „online,“ depending on their circumstances, up to 30 days before the conference.

The papers presented will be published in open-access journals International Scientific Publications.

If you need additional information about the conferences we will hold in 2022, visit the site.

We monitor the ever-changing COVID situation and make decisions based on the latest guidelines given by countries & health agencies.

We look forward to seeing you!

Be well and stay safe,

Ivan Genov

Science and Education Foundation, Bulgaria

*** Founded in 2008, The Science and Education Foundation (SEF) is a politically independent, non-partisan non-profit interdisciplinary foundation, conference organizer, and scientific journal publisher. Based in Bulgaria, its main administrative office is in Burgas.