A New Opportunity for Free Publishing in Hybrid and Open Access Journals of Bentham Science and Temporary Access to eBooks and Online Journals

Временен достъп до електронни книги и списания на издателство Bentham Science

All members of the Bulgarian Information Consortium (BIC), including the Medical University of Plovdiv, can participate in Bentham Science academic publishers’ Institutional Membership Program until May 13th, 2024.

The following benefits are available to participants:

• Researchers from member institutions will be allowed to publish open access in any of the hybrid or full open-access journals of Bentham Science Publishers with a $0 article processing charge (APC) for articles sent by May 13th, 2024.
• 20 % discount on the open-access publishing charge outside the trial period.
• prioritized peer review and publishing.

The 27 members of the Bulgarian Information Consortium can access online journals and eBooks of Bentham Science marked as Promotion: Free Download for the same period.
Access is possible from the platform https://eurekaselect.com/ within the university network and remotely at https://login.ezproxy.mu-plovdiv.bg/login.