Education based on quality, competitiveness and cooperation

The Faculty of Pharmacy of MU – Plovdiv was established in 2003. Currently, more than 800 students study at the faculty, 125 of whom are foreign nationals from countries such as Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, Serbia, Macedonia and others. From the academic year 2016/2017, the faculty provides training to students in Pharmacy in English. The academic staff currently numbers 92 people, 19 of whom are graduates of the faculty.

A key priority of the management of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to increase the quality of training and scientific research by providing modern facilities and harmonization of teaching materials with the high requirements of the dynamically changing pharmaceutical science. Evidence of the constant pursuit of perfection are the results of the rating system of the higher schools in Bulgaria published at the end of 2019, in which the Faculty of Pharmacy at MU – Plovdiv ranks second among the five pharmaceutical faculties in the country.

The Faculty of Pharmacy pursues an active policy promoting the academic staff to conduct valuable research in the priority areas for MU – Plovdiv. Proof of this are the high results in the period 2015 – 2019 in the research activities of the faculty. Currently, 15 PhD programs were accredited, five of which in the field of Pharmacy. During the period 2015 – 2019, 28 dissertations for educational and scientific degree of `Doctor` and 1 dissertation for scientific degree of `Doctor of Sciences` were defended. Nearly 150 research projects have been implemented with the active participation of students and PhD students as members of the research teams. An indicator of the high quality of the conducted research activity are nearly 500 scientific publications in authoritative foreign publications, referenced in international databases. More than 1,300 are the foreign authors cited the scientific works of the academic staff. The scientific production has been presented at more than 500 scientific forums in the country and abroad, and nearly 30 are scientific events organized by the departments of the faculty.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is a base for postgraduate qualification of post graduate students and participates in the continuing education of master pharmacists.

The faculty actively participates in building and maintaining international relations with related institutions. For the period 2015 – 2019, 34 outgoing mobilities of students and teachers have been realized. Students have been trained in faculties in Spain, France, Austria, Germany, the USA or completed pre-diploma undergraduate internships in pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, and lecturers have given lectures or conducted short-term specializations.