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Welcome to the Medical University of Plovdiv.
The opportunity to join one of the most outstanding student bodies in the country comes in recognition of your academic and personal achievements.
It is a great honour for the Medical University- Plovdiv to welcome you in the new area of knowledge, humanity, science and medicine.

The challenge will create opportunities for spiritual and personal growth for each of you.
The journey of professional development starts with the selection of an institution for higher education. This is a complex and responsible choice, as it determines not only the job but also your entire life and your destiny.

Therefore we are confident that the knowledge, skills and competences that you will acquire at our University will be useful in your future and professional development.
On behalf of us who have the pleasure of reviewing your application, best wishes to you for a successful and enjoyable future.

We would like to assure you that the academic community and all university structures are doing their best to make your education adequate to modern healthcare achievements in the world and give you the opportunity to become highly qualifies and successful professionals in Europe and the rest of the world.

We are happy to have students from so many countries who will become our world ambassadors after their graduation.