Faculty of Dental Medicine
Faculty of Dental Medicine

The Faculty of Dental Medicine is housed in a new building covering 14770 m2 and includes:

  • 27 clinical teaching rooms with a total of 168 working seats
  • 4 preclinical rooms with 45 seats
  • 1 operation theatre
  • 3 technical rooms for preclinical activities with 30 seats
  • 1 technical room for clinical activities with 28 seats
  • 1 teaching room for materials science with 24 working seats
  • 8 seminar rooms with a total of 113 seats
  • 12 treatment and consultation rooms
  • 4 rooms for postgraduate students
  • 7 rooms for specializing doctors of dental medicine
  • Aula Magna with 308 seats
  • 2 auditoria (First Auditorium with 156 seats and Second Auditorium with 117 seats)
  • library
  • computer room
  • sterilization room.
  • The Faculty has 193 modern dental units, 34 phantom units, a 3D scanner, an orthopantomograph, digital dental radiography equipment, high energy laser, dental operating microscope, intraoral dental cameras, stationary and mobile multimedia systems, modern endodontic systems, air microabrasion equipment.

    In 2007 the Faculty of Dental Medicine was given by the National Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation a very good mark for the courses it provides, and was accredited for a period of 6 years to train Masters of Science in Dental Medicine, as well as specializing doctors of dental medicine.

    The training in medical subjects is provided by the departments of the Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Public Health, and the training in dental subjects is provided by 8 specialized departments, one of which is based in the Surgical Block of the St. George University General Hospital (the Department of Maxillo-Facial Surgery).