Postgraduate Education
Postgraduate Education

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate education in Medical University of Plovdiv:

  • PhD programs for the educational and scientific degree of „Doctor” – three years full-time or individual course, ending with a PhD thesis submitted and defended
  • Postgraduate training in all medical specialties – 3-5 years full-time training ending with a state exam
  • Continuous education – short term blocks on topics of interest, highly specialized medical techniques and new methods etc.
  • Tasks

    1. To organize annual courses and individual training of physicians, doctors of dental medicine, pharmacists;
    2. To be part of the unified credit system for the evaluation of the forms of continuous qualification of the doctors;
    3. To organize and conduct training in highly qualified activities in medicine:
      • Curricula
      • Competitions
      • Specializing medical professionals
      • Enrollment