An example good to follow

Over 15 medical and dental students from the Medical University of Plovdiv took part in the refurbishment work of “Mother and Baby Unit” at the “Complex of Social Services for children and families” and volunteered over a period of more than 6 weeks from November to December 2019, completing over 600 volunteering hours and saving an enormous financial resource.

The overall value of the repair works and the furnishing of the unit “Mother and Baby” was at the amount of 13 692 BGN and this included construction materials, furniture and electric appliances. The work that was carried out by the students included deep cleaning, removing, loading, unloading, assembling of old and new furniture, sandpapering and preparations related to painting, wall painting and decorations giving the unit a warm atmosphere suitable for children and families.

Prof. Ivan Ivanov, MD, PhD – Vice Rector of “Quality Management” at the Medical University of Plovdiv, participated in the final event where he highly praised the initiative and the involvement of our students. In his speech to the participants Prof. Ivanov highlighted how important for the medical profession is the love towards humanity and underlined that this is the reason why the motto of the Medical University is “Dedicated to Humanity”.

Besides the volunteer work in the repairs, final year Medical students also held a presentation on Personal hygiene and Nutrition giving mothers an insight on how best to maintain the new conditions. Consultations were provided to all mothers by 5th year dental students at the Faculty of Dental Medicine.

All students and volunteers received certificates of appreciation from Mrs. Veselina Boteva – Director “Social Activities” at Plovdiv Municipality.

Medical University of Plovdiv is proud of its students who respond to human hardships of life and show their humanity. Prof. Marianna Murdjeva – Rector of the Medical University of Plovdiv, is convinced that only a good person can become a good doctor and she believes that the values in which the students of the University are brought up are a good example to follow.