Be smart – don’t trust fake “news”

No Corona virus infection in Medical University-Plovdiv
With reference to false statements spread electronically about Corona virus infected students at the Medical University of Plovdiv and at the Surgical Unit of the University Hospital “St. Georgi “- Plovdiv, we inform that at present there are no such data. The Rector of MU-Plovdiv and the Dean of Medical Faculty have not hеld any meetings with students to report such facts. We would like to remind that in the extraordinary situation in the country malicious false information in the media is undesirable. MU-Plovdiv announces that next week there will be no classes with students, and the training will be held remotely from March 23. The necessary anti-epidemic measures have been taken in accordance with national requirements and recommendations.

Prof. Dr. Marianna Murdjeva, Rector of MU-Plovdiv
Prof. Dr. Angel Uchikov, Dean of the Medical Faculty, Medical University of Plovdiv