Biontech atelier 2022



Bridging the gap between the Nordics, Bulgaria, and SEE countries
in Biotechnology, Digital Health and EU Science

The event “Bridging the Gap between the Nordics, Bulgaria, and SEE countries in Biotechnology, Digital Health and EU Science” will be dedicated to the collaboration between Nordic countries and South-eastern Europe and the models of the two regions for the development of innovation and R&D.

The successful model of the Nordics in innovation is characterized by a strong integration of university-industry collaboration with heavy participation and support of the governments.

Along with other South-eastern European countries, Bulgaria lags behind with the entry of innovations in healthcare and biotechnologies. Collaboration and growth in this sector are very important and by exchanging deep knowledge and good practices, it is possible to take the first step to reach the level of Nordic countries.

We will take a look into the two region’s models for Innovation, R&D, and EU Science, discuss the individual countries’ challenges and opportunities and find a path to bridge the North and South-Eastern regions of Europe towards collaboration and cooperation.

9th March 2022 /Wednesday/
09:00 – 18:00 CET
Fully virtual
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The agenda includes three separate flows focused on current topics in the modern world:

FLOW 1: Life Science & Biotechnologies
• Personalized medicine strategies and application: genomics and molecular medicine
• ATMPs – a promise for better health and care
• Opportunities for funding research projects
with the participation of experts from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Bulgaria, Estonia and others

FLOW 2: Digital Health
• Digital Mental Health
• Digital Female Health
• DTx – KPIs, Growth, reach, conversion, active engagement

FLOW 3: Introduction to Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)
– the new public-private partnership in Europe for health and innovation.
Along with the opportunity for the audience to get in touch with leading specialists in the field of biotechnology, life sciences, and digitalization of healthcare and to witness interesting presentations and intriguing discussions, the audience will be able to participate directly in the planned event after the main program – matchmaking event with other participants with similar profile and area of interest and expertise.

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Don’t miss the chance to be part of the first Biotech Atelier 2022 conference of its kind dedicated to science and opportunities for cooperation between Northern and South-eastern Europe.

The conference is organized in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Copenhagen (DENMARK), Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Helsinki (FINLAND), Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Stockholm (SWEDEN), Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Oslo (NORWAY)

About Biotech Atelier:
Biotech Atelier is a European conference for biotechnologies, that brings together scientists, visionaries, business leaders, and international experts to meet, exchange experiences and ideas on innovation, entrepreneurship, and business development in the field of biotechnology.
The mission of the initiative is to connect the individual points, to promote innovation and to initiate and support opportunities for inter-industrial and inter-regional cooperation. For this purpose, the annual Biotech Atelier Forum is organized, complemented by satellite events throughout the year. The idea is to combine and concentrate interests at the international level, and the platform to serve to create new contacts and partnerships, developing Bulgaria’s potential for activities in the field of biotechnology and innovation.