Days of the Library and Information Center 23-27 October 2023

In the last week of October, traditionally, the Library and Information Center at the Medical University of Plovdiv will host several events that will capture the attention of students, lecturers, and administrative staff and will showcase the Library and Information Center’s activities and news available to users.

If you are trying to improve your medical research, you might want to attend a Zoom-hosted webinar entitled Speed up your medical research with ScienceDirect. The event will take place on October 23rd at 1:30 p.m. Christiane Fiorin from Elsevier will present the benefits of using ScienceDirect – a platform combining full-text journal and e-book content licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Registration is currently open at,
and each participant will receive a certificate of attendance.

The meeting with discussion entitled Medical University of Plovdiv in Focus will commence on October 24th at 5:00 PM. The gathering will take place in the lobby of Academic Building 1. During the event, participants in the “My University” photo contest will share their inspiration for joining the competition with their friends and followers. The 25 photos selected to become part of the Library and Information Center interior will also be displayed during the meeting.

Visitors can view newly acquired library books on display in the branch libraries of the Library and Information Center on October 25th.

If you decide to visit the Medical College branch library on the same day, you can watch a demonstration of new content on the interactive learning platforms AccessMedicine and AccessPharmacy of McGraw-Hill between 2:00-3:00 p.m. You will also have the chance to learn effective searching techniques during the demo.

On October 26th, a collection of literary works written by young and talented students from the Medical University of Plovdiv will be showcased in the branch library at the Students’ Residence Halls at 2 Tsarevets Street. The event is particularly relevant for those who are passionate about literature and appreciate the power of words.

The Library Open Day on October 27th invites visitors to explore the work of librarians and information professionals and discover our collections.

Come, participate, and share!