Important-Anti-Epidemic Measures

Dear Students,
We inform you that there is a Decision by the National Assembly of Republic of
Bulgaria for an extreme condition and an order from the Minister of Health to
introduce the following anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the
Republic of Bulgaria until 29.03.2020. This is in reference to Corona virus
1.To restrain visits to entertainment and gambling halls, discos, clubs, shops,
restaurants excluding food stores, pharmacies and drug stores.
2. To stop educational lectures and classes, and all extracurricular activities
(clubs, green schools, excursions, etc.) at secondary schools, universities and
other educational institutions. Distance-learning to be introduced if possible.
3. To restrain children’s attendance to nurseries and kindergartens.
4. To put a ban on all group activities and work with children and students, which
are organized by non-academic institutions and companies.
5.To stop all mass activities, including sports, cultural and scientific ones
(cinema, theatre, concerts, museums, conferences, symposia, sport and SPA
centers, gyms etc.).
6.All employers, depending on the peculiarities of the labor activity to introduce
distant form for working to their employees. If this is not possible, employers to
organize consolidated anti-epidemic measures at the working places, i.e. filters,
disinfection and ventilation, and also to present instructions for keeping
personal hygiene of the employees. Also to ban the access of people with acute
contaminating diseases.
7. To stop children’s and women’s consultations, preventive medical check-ups,
prophylactic immunizations, access to any planned operations, including organ
transplantations from alive and dead donors, as well as hospital visits to
hospitals and medical institutions.
Please, follow strictly these mandatory recommendations.
Prof. Ani Belcheva, DDS,PhD,MSc
Vice-rector of Educational Activities
Medical University-Plovdiv