Instructions for Distance Learning at Medical University of Plovdiv

Instructions for Distance Learning at Medical University of Plovdiv


On the basis of Ordinance № 515/13.03.2020 of the Rector of the Medical University of Plovdiv (MU – Plovdiv), the Distance Learning at the MU – Plovdiv has to begin on 23.03.2020, in accordance with the established educational plans and programs.

Distance Learning requires strictly following the rules below:

1. Exercises (online seminars) are compulsory and in case of two or more absences the student cannot receive certification/approval of the semester.

2. Microsoft® Office 365® is a training platform, which can be used for educational purposes and conducting a Distance Learning. For the purposes of Distance Learning at MU – Plovdiv, we use the hub Microsoft Teams – a virtual classroom with the generated university email addresses. Teaching and correspondence with students will be performed through the Microsoft® Office 365® platform and the university email addresses. During the exercise an active written and/ or audio communication between the teacher and the students is carried out. For that purpose, the teacher asks questions to specific students and the answers are given in a writing or a verbal form. Students write down and draw diagrams and figures in their notebooks, and then they send photos of their work in the group chat within the exercise. Students write down their homeworks in the Workbooks for practical classes and they study the lectures on the topic of the current exercise in advance.

3. It is absolutely forbidden to use the university access to Microsoft® Office 365® and generated teams and classroom channels for personal conversations and comments.

4. The meeting (exercise or lecture) is organized only by the teacher at the scheduled time (Time zone in Bulgaria, Sofia) according to the approved Weekly program at MU-Plovdiv, unless otherwise agreed with the teacher due to different time zones.

5. Students are not allowed to organize a meeting and to wait for the teacher to join.

6. During the meeting (exercise or lecture), in order to hear the teacher properly, students have to turn off their microphones because the appearance of unexpected noises will disturb the teaching process.

7. The student turns on the microphone only when he/she has a given question by the teacher.

8. During the exercise or lecture, questions related to the subject matter of the learning process are raised in the group chat on the Microsoft Teams channel only when the teacher invites the students to do it, not when the student(s) decide(s) to ask a question.

9. If a student disturbs the work of the learning process, he/she will be removed from the meeting and will not have access to the Distance Learning platform anymore.

10. The colloquium will be performed in the form of multiple choice questions (test) and oral examination.

11. If there is a problem (crash or bug) with the online Distance Learning system, the students contact immediately their teacher by using the university email addresses.

12. Each teacher sends a Protocol to each student in the respective student group with whom he or she has a class at the beginning of the exercise. Sending the Protocol initiates the beginning of the exercise.

13. The Protocol contains several questions on the topic of the exercise and the student has to answer them and to return the Protocol filled within the class or until 23:59 h on the same day.

14. If the student does not return the Protocol within the specified period, he/she will have an absence.

15. Each teacher has to be able to certify to the Head of the Department that the on-line exercise has been conducted by printing the Protocols filled and returned by the students.

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