Microsoft recognizes successful digital education at the Medical University of Plovdiv

The Medical University of Plovdiv started its technological transformation in 2018 aiming to provide first-class medical education and training that meets modern requirements and needs of its students.

The University, in partnership with Telelink Business Services (TBS) – a proven leader in the field of system integration, begins to adjust the education process to work in a digital environment.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has tested all systems related to the digital form of education. During the epidemic situation, the Medical University of Plovdiv, without interrupting the educational process, managed to quickly shift to distance learning, keeping its community united and interconnected.

For the implementation of the training in electronic and distance form, the Medical University of Plovdiv relies on Moodle web-based system for both exams and educational content, the Cloud service Microsoft 365 and in particular Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint.

The success of the Medical University of Plovdiv was appreciated by Microsoft and Telelink Business Services (TBS). In partnership with them, a case study was developed based on the experience of the Medical University of Plovdiv, that examines the challenges of implementing medicine and dentistry training in electronic environment, and the way in which the University successfully manages them.

This case study is also featured on Microsoft’s Customer Stories website:
The Medical University – Plovdiv is the only higher education institution in Bulgaria and one of the few in the world in the field of medicine, which has received such recognition from Microsoft.