Online summer school “EUtopia 2021-27? Visions and Missions of Europe”

Dear Students,

The University of Pécs would invites students from Bulgaria to participate in an online summer course, earn credits, have fun and enjoy being part of a multicultural community.

The summer school “EUtopia 2021-27? Visions and Missions of Europe” will place between June 25 – July 2, 2021.

You can apply for the CEEPUS Scholarship to receive a participation fee waiver.

This intensive but enjoyable online summer program will focus on the forthcoming 2021-27 period of the European Union and will discuss hot topics such as the global pandemic and the post-COVID-19 era, along with how the EU can recover itself from political and economic points of view.

The course includes the following topics:
• New Global Order – Where will Europe find itself?
• Central Eastern Europe and the Economic Transformation
• Migrants and Migration Policies in the EU
• Cultural Diversity in Europe
• The Role of Place Branding in a Globalized Europe and the European Capital of Culture
Earned credits: 6 ECTS credits
Application deadline for the CEEPUS Scholarship: May 16, 2021

Please find more details about the summer Here.


Please inform the International Relations Department at [email protected]

Prof. Dilyana Vicheva
Vice Rector of International Relations and Project Activity