Project “Spirituality without Borders”

The events marked with bright trail celebrations of the 70th anniversary of MU-Plovdiv, include weeklong poetic marathon at the end of May the project “Spirituality without Borders”, whose patron became rector of MU – art. cor. prof. Stefan Kostianev, PhD and Department for International Cooperation under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Mariana Murdjeva, PhD.

Participants in the project were taken by MU made from Plovdiv, guests from Great Britain – artistic group “Campaign” and poets from Poland, photographers and applied from MU, intellectual and poetic society “Quandt and Friends”, Polish Cultural Society – Plovdiv Society Plovdiv artists, Society of writers in Plovdiv center “Contemporary 1986” Art club “Library”; Community Center “Renaissance” Puldin art club – Plovdiv.

Almanac “Spirituality without Borders”

Interview on Radio – Part 1

Radio interview – part 2