Sports successes of our students and teachers

On October 31st, the sixth edition of the Plovdiv Marathon and Half Marathon was held at the Rowing Canal, in which a total of 960 runners from Bulgaria and abroad took part.

Four of our students have successfully completed the Half Marathon distance of 21.1 km: Vasil Dimitrov – 4th year, Faculty of Dental Medicine, time 1:32:46, Maximilian Carsten – 3rd year, Faculty of Medicine, time 1:41:25, Wei Chui – 3rd year, Faculty of Medicine, time 1:47:15 and Leon von Gruenberg – 3rd year, Faculty of Medicine, time 1:56:13 (arranged in this order on the photo).
They are part of the Athletics team of the University coached by the senior lecturer Georgi Dimenchev.

The distance of 21.1 km was run by a representative of the Academic Body of MU-Plovdiv. For Assoc. Prof. Natalia Prisadova from the Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics, it is her second participation in this marathon, and her result of 2.13 hours is another reason for pride. This year Assoc. Prof. Prisadova also took part in the Sofia Marathon 10.7 km. The biggest pride for Assoc. Prof. Prisadova is her participation in the ultramarathon Persenk Ultra with an impressive distance of 30 km.