Natural Scienses Section

Natural Scienses Section



Training activity

Since 07.07.1980 preparatory course training in Bulgarian, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and History for foreign students has taken place at Higher Medical Institute-Plovdiv. The first administrative person in charge was P. Slavova – a Biology teacher. The Natural Sciences Section has existed as a separate unit since 1991 and at present it is part of DLST at Medical University of Plovdiv. The Natural Sciences Section encompasses three subjects- Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Consecutive Heads of the section were: Tatyana Popova, Stoyanka Kokova, Iliyana Stefanova, Dafinka Kalinowa, Assoc. Prof. Lyudmil Lukanov, Hristina Spasova, Neli Grigorova. Since 2016 Head of the section is senior lecturer Detelina Mileva, PhD.
Over the years Yanko Kolarov, Vasil Nizamov, Nevena Dimova, Gancho Zapryanov, Mariya Nesheva, Nevena Dimova, Hristina Spasova, Evgeniya Katsarova etc. have worked in the Section as well.
The main activity of the Natural Sciences Section is related to teaching foreign students from the preparatory course in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Bulgarian or English following syllabi in accordance with the corresponding disciplines in the first year of studies at Medical University of Plovdiv.
Teaching activity of the Natural Sciences Section includes studying concepts, terms, laws and facts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Bulgarian and English.
The teachers in the Section have successfully defended their PhD Theses. The chief aim is the introduction of the basic knowledge of specific medical terminology which is a prerequisite for the effective learning of the disciplines studied in the students’ first year.
Biology training is 170 tuition hours long and begins in week 10 of the academic year. Students learn an adapted minimum of specific medical terminology in Bulgarian and English in the disciplines Histology, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Parasitology, Immunology, Molecular and Cellular Biology.
The textbooks used in the course are:
Биология и здравно образование, 8 кл., В. Ишев, М. Николова, М. Панайотова, И. Михова-Нанкова (2017) – Biologiya I zdravno obrazovanie, 8th grade, V. Ishev, M. Nikolova, M. Panayotova, I. Mihova -Nankova (2017)
Биология и здравно образование, 9 кл., О. Димитров, М. Кожухарова, Т. Аргирова, В. Богоев, И. Минков, Г. Кименов, М. Славова (2001)- Biologiya I zdravno obrazovanie, 9th grade, O. Dimitrov, M. Kozhuharova, T. Argirova, V. Bogoev, I. Minkov, G. Kimenov, M. Slavova (2001).
Chemistry training is 128 tuition hours long and it begins in week 12 of the academic year. Students are acquainted with the basics of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry in Bulgarian and English.
The textbooks used in the course are:
Въведение в химията, Д. Калинова, Н. Димова, Д. Милева (2007) Vuvedenie v himiyata, D. Kalinova, N. Dimova, D. MIleva (2007),
Учебник по химия за чуждестранни студенти. Л Луканов, Н. Димова, Д. Милева, (2009), ISBN 978-954-9806-83-0/ Uchebnik po himiya za chuzhdestranni studenti. L. Lukanov, N. Dimova, D. Mileva (2009) ISBN 978-954-9806-83-0
Physics training is 118 tuition hours long and it begins in week 12 of the academic year. Students are acquainted with the basics of Physics and elements of Biophysics in Bulgarian and English.
The textbooks used in the course are:
Основи на медицинска физика с елементи на биофизика. Ат. Кръстев, В. Турийски, Е. Кацарова, Р. Ардашева, Хр. Спасова, (2009), ISBN 978-954-92534-4-01- Osnovi na meditsinskata fizika s elemnti na biofizika, At. Krustev, V. Turiiski, E. Katsarova, R. Ardasheva, Hr. Spasova (2009) ), ISBN 978-954-92534-4-01
Работна тетрадка по физика, Е. Кацарова, Хр. Спасова- Rabotna tetradka po fizika, E. Katsarova, Hr. Spasova
Forms of training: theoretical and practical seminars
Control and assessment of student knowledge:
Current assessment: oral examination, tests and term tests
Final assessment: end of year examination- a test with open questions

Academic Staff

Senior Lecturer Detelina Mileva, PhD– Chemistry teacher

Phone: 032 200 650
e-mail: [email protected]

Senior Lecturer Vesselin Alexandrov, PhD– Biology teacher

Phone: 032 200 650
e-mail: [email protected]


The academic staff of the Section works on developing new methods of teaching the specialised disciplines in Bulgarian as a foreign language and also on the methods of teaching of the specialised disciplines in English.
Senior lecturer Detelina Mileva, PhD, works in the field of electrochemistry.
Senior lecturer Veselin Aleksandrov PhD works in the field of cellular biology.
For the period 2015-2019 the research activity of the Natural Sciences Section includes 20 participations in international and national research forums with papers, presentations, or posters. The employees of the Section have 14 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 5 of which in journals with IF, and 9 citations in different journals, 7 of them with IF. Employees of the Section have participated in the following projects:
„Modification of Aluminum Surfaces for Medical Application” СДП 05 MU/2016 at MU of Plovdiv (D. Mileva and V. Aleksandrov– 2016/2017); “Antimicrobial Activity of Physically and Electrochemically Modified Aluminum Samples”, University project, НО – 03/2018 (D. Mileva – 2018/2019). D. Mileva and V. Aleksandrov participated in various teams of authors at Medical University of Plovdiv for the preparation of 6 textbooks and handbooks.
To acquire the PhD degree D. Mileva defended the thesis “Features and Kinetics of Deposition of Chromium Alloys from Chromispel Electrolytes for Medical Application” in 2015 and V. Alexandrov the thesis “Development of Serum-free Cell Line McCoy-Plovdiv as an Expression System for Human Tenomodulin” in 2016.