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Academic staff Department of Epidemiology and Disaster Medicine
Academic staff Department of Epidemiology and Disaster Medicine





Disaster Medicine


The following list of recommended literature is provided for the preparation of English speaking students in the subject Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases:

1.Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 20 th Edition . (Part 5:Infectious Diseases)
2.Infectious diseases-clinical cases and more. Authors: R.Komitova, A.Kevorkyan, M.Atanasova, O.Boykinova, 2018, Publisher: Medical University- Plovdiv (Editor: prof. Yordanka Stoilova) (ISBN 978-619-237-019-0).
3.Epidemiology and prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases, 13-th edition (2015).

Additional resources:
1.European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
2.Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

In 1947, two years after the establishment of the Higher Medical Institute “Ivan Petrovich Pavlov”- Plovdiv, a department was created, which consisted of an institute of epidemiology and a clinic of infectious diseases, headed by Prof. B. Jurukov until 1952. He had been the principal lecturer in epidemiology for three years.

In 1951 Dr. Bratovanov – a chief assistant professor at the Department of Hygiene from 1948 to 1952, was in charge of the course in epidemiology. The same person became an associate professor of epidemiology in 1952 and a full professor in 1969. He had made a major contribution to the establishment of a joint department of infectious diseases and epidemiology and was the head of the department from 1952 to 1969.

From 1969 to 1973 two separate departments were established and after the retirement of Prof. Bratovanov in 1973, the two departments merged again. In 1988 the Parasitology Section joined them and the Department of Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Clinical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine was established and it existed until 2007.

The following lecturers with academic ranks succeeded Prof. Bratovanov and became heads of the Epidemiology Section: Assoc. Prof. Zh. Targov (1973-1984), Assoc. Prof. L. Angelov (1984 -1995) and since 1995 – Prof. J. Stoilova.

The following physicians were appointed as assistant professors of epidemiology: Dr. Zh. Targov (1950), Dr. K. Jankov (1950), Dr. H. Panchev (1959), Dr. L. Angelov (1961), Dr. A. Nikolova (1974), Dr. J. Stoilova (1984), Dr. N. Vatev (1985), Dr. T. Rakadzhieva (1991), Dr. A. Kevorkian (2002), Dr. K. Krastev (2006-2007), Dr. H. Batzelova (2008) and Dr. V. Stoeva (2012).

The following lecturers also used to teach at the Epidemiology Section: Dr. B. Zaharieva – a microbiologist (1989-2000) and E. Kostova – a biologist (1988-2006). In 1980 a department branch was established at the HMI-Plovdiv affiliation in Pazardzhik, where Dr. Benchev is an assistant professor of epidemiology.

A new stage of the development began after Decision №5/28.09.2007 of the Academic Board according to which the Epidemiology Section was integrated with the Department of Hygiene and Ecology. The newly established department became part of the Faculty of Public Health, MU-Plovdiv.

In 2012 pursuant to a decision of the Academic Board of MU-Plovdiv the Department of Epidemiology and Disaster Medicine was established.

Epidemiology is taught to 9 cohorts of students: medical students in the fifth and sixth year, students of dental medicine in the fourth year, pharmacy – third year, nurses, midwives, health inspectors, clinical laboratory technicians and students in healthcare management.
In 2014 an elective training course – Clinical epidemiology/prevention and control of healthcare associated infections was introduced and the students in the fifth and sixth showed a great interest in it.
New areas of training are included in the curriculum: epidemiology of common non-communicable diseases and those with infectious etiology, as well as the prevention and control of dental infections.
Specializing physicians are trained in general practice, epidemiology, microbiology, hygiene, infectious diseases, etc.

The provision of quality in training is achieved by: updating the teaching manuals published by the department, qualification and training of the academic staff (molecular methods for diagnosing outbreaks and epidemically significant strains, statistical methods) collaboration with the National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases – Sofia and sharing experience with other departments of epidemiology.

Disaster Medicine

The founder of Department 22 at the Faculty of Medicine – Plovdiv in 1950 was the physician Gen. Ivan Ivanov.

From 1960 to 1974 the head of the Department 22 was Col. Nikola Matev Manolov, who after the abolishment of Department 22 became head of the Department of Medical and Sanitary Protection at the Faculty of Medicine – Plovdiv.

After 1974 the following physicians became heads of the department in chronological order: from 1974 to 1984 – Col. Stefan Borisov Boyadzhiev with basic research interests in the field of military toxicology and more precisely in phosphoorganic and poisonous substances causing skin rashes. He has published 22 scientific papers and has participated in 19 congresses and scientific conferences.

From 1984-1988 the head was Assoc. Prof. Kostadin Georgiev Manolov, a specialist in military toxicology. He is an author of 70 research papers.

From 1988 to 2001 the head was Assoc. Prof. Pavel Kostov Sapundzhiev, a specialist in social hygiene, medical and sanitary protection. He has written 60 research papers, which have been published and presented at various congresses and conferences. Issues on the organization of medical and sanitary protection are the basis for his research.

Longtime assistant professors at the department were Dr. Stanka Todorova Maksimova (1979 – 2005) and since 1981 Dr. Kiril Asenov Kirov, who after his retirement continued to work as a part-time assistant professor. In 2012 Dr. Rumyana Etova was appointed as an assistant professor and Dr. Nikolay Varshilov in 2014. Consecutively, over the years, Dr. Emilia Karaslavova and Dr. Dimitar Kolegov have been assistant professors.

Disaster medicine is taught to students of medicine and dental medicine, nurses and midwives, students at the Medical College – public health inspectors, clinical laboratory technicians, radiographers and dental laboratory technicians.

The new training areas focus on the process optimization by introducing modern IT technologies and improving the information exchange in the process of medical assistance planning in case of disaster events.

Research interests focus mainly on organizational and medical issues – the prevention of possible disaster-related injuries in the population and the organization of healthcare in case of an unexpected environmental damage and the presence of mass, focal and specific injuries in the population.

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Ani Kevorkian, PhD, MD – Head of department

доц. д-р Ани Кеворк Кеворкян
Phone: 0884 073 300


Academic staff – Epidemiology

Prof. Dr. Yordanka Dimitrova Stoilova,PhD, MD

проф. д-р Йорданка Димитрова Стоилова, дм

Prof. Dr. Nikolay Vatev, PhD, MD

доц. д-р Николай Тодоров Ватев, дм
Phone: 0889257513

Hristiana Batselova, MD assistant professor

д-р Християна Момчилова Бацелова
Phone: 0886 820


Velina Stoeva,PhD, DMD chief-assistant professor

д-р Велина Стоева
Phone: 0894460545


Meri Hristamyan, PhD, DMD chief assistant professor

д-р Мери Христамян
GSM: 0883399364


Vanya Rangelova,PhD, MD chief assistant professor

д-р Ваня  Рангелова Рангелова
Phone: 0883 403 683


Academic staff – Disaster medicine

Prof. Dr. Rostislav Kostadinov, PhD, DSc, MD

Rumyana Etova,PhD,MD chief assistant professor

д-р Румяна Николова Етова
Phone: 0898 747 165


Mariya Georgieva, MD, PhD chief assistant professor

д-р Мария Георгиева Георгиева
Phone: 0882 091 657

Elena Valkanova, MD, PhD assistant professor

д-р Елена Владимирова Вълканова
Phone: 0885 231 141


Vasil Topalov, MD, Assistant professor

Vasil Topalov
Phone: 0885 41 60 45


The strategic areas of research activity in epidemiology are diverse:

  • Quantative epidemiology – dynamic changes and specific features of the epidemic processes of socially significant infectious diseases and those with high epidemiological risk and changing epidemiology.
  • Studies on the epidemiology of viral hepatitis A, B, C, E.
  • Vaccine prevention and vaccine-preventable infections.
  • Studies on the clinical epidemiology/healthcare associated infections – indicator infections, economic costs, prevention, surveillance and control.
  • Prevention and control of infections associated with dental medicine.
  • Investigations of acute infectious diseases outbreaks and healthcare associated infections.
  • Disinfection and sterilization problems in infection prevention and control.
  • Emerging and recurrent infectious diseases.
  • Regional identity of transmissible infections.
  • Studies on the epidemiology of highly prevalent non-communicable diseases of infectious etiology


Epidemiology Section

  • Infectious diseases-clinical cases and more.Authors: R.Komitova, A.Kevorkyan, M.Atanasova, O.Boykinova, 2018, Publisher: Medical University- Plovdiv (Editor: prof.Yordanka Stoilova) (ISBN 978-619-237-019-0)

Disaster Medicine Section

  • Kostadinov R. 600 simple steps to disaster medicine exam success, Plovdiv, Medical publishing VAP, 2012, 179 pp., ISBN 978-954-8326-56-8
  • Kostadinov R. Disaster Medicine Highlights, Plovdiv, Lax book, 2018, ISBN 978-619-189-110-8


For the time period from 1985 to 2018, all members of “Epidemiology” section presented more than 300 papers on national and international scientific conferences and published more than 400 publications. For the period between 2015 – 2018, 82 publications are published. During 2019 tutors from “Epidemiology” section have published a total of 25 scientific articles, 2 of which in journals with impact factor.
From 2007 to 2019 members of “Disaster Medicine” section have more than 140 publications


Disaster Medicine Section

  • Tonev St., K. Katsarov, E. Belokonski, K. Kanev, R. Kostadinov and al., Handbook medical assessment, Editors major-general assoc. prof. Stoian Tonev, MD, PhD and major-general dr. Zuhair Rasmi A. Ghani Al-haj Mohhamed, Irita Publishing house, 2008, Sofia, ISBN 978-954-9993-77-6
  • Kanev K., E. Belokonski, K. Katsarov, R. Kostadinov and al., Medical support principles and current military missions medical assessment, Editor major-general assoc. prof. Stoian Tonev, MD, PhD, Irita Publishing house, 2008, Sofia, ISBN 978-954-9993-83-7


Epidemiology Section

  • Dr. L. Angelov -1982 – Organization and prevention management and the fight against nosocomial infections
  • Dr. J. Stoilova – 1994 – Studies on the epidemiology of some acute respiratory infections and the associated nonbacterial pneumonia in children from the Plovdiv region (Assoc. Prof. since 2001);
  • In 2009 Assoc. Prof. J. Stoilova successfully defended a thesis entitled: A study on the dynamics of epidemic processes, resulting from infectious diseases prevention in Bulgaria for a 30-year period (1977-2007) and she became a full professor in the same year.
  • Dr. N. Vatev – 2010 – An epidemiologic study on viral hepatitis A for improving prevention and anti-epidemic measures (Assoc. Prof. since 2013);
  • Dr. A. Kevorkian – 2012 – A study on the dynamics of the epidemic process in viral hepatitis B in the Plovdiv region, at the present stage (Assoc. Prof. since 2014) .
  • In May 2017 Dr. Velina Stoeva successfully defended a thesis entitled “Dental infections: prevention and control”
  • In 2019 Dr. Meri Hristamyan successfully defended a thesis entitled “Bisphosphonate-associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaws- Epidemiological and Clinical Research”
  • In 2020 Dr. Vanya Rangelova successfully defended a PhD thesis entitled “Clinical, epidemiological, microbiological and financial aspects of hospital-acquired infections in the neonate”

Disaster Medicine Section

  • Rostislav Kostadinov, MD publically defended PhD thesis entitled “Contemporary Model for Medical Intelligence in Missions Abroad” in 2010, Sofia, Military Medical Academy
  • Assoc. Prof. Rostislav Kostadinov publically defended DSc thesis entitled “Optimization of Medical Information Exchange in Disasters’ Situation” in 2018, Varna, Medical University of Varna
  • Rumyana Etova, MD publically defended PhD thesis entitled “Population medical care management and flood relief efforts in the middle course of the Maritza River” in 2016, Sofia, Medical University of Sofia
  • Mariya Georgieva, MD publically defended PhD thesis entitled “Optimizing hospital disaster resilience” in 2022, Plovdiv, Medical University of Plovdiv
  • Elena Valkanova, MD publically defended PhD thesis entitled “Predicaments and prospects for disaster medicine education” in 2022, Plovdiv, Medical University of Plovdiv