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Academic standarts

Academic standard of the discipline Periodontology and oral diseases
Academic standard of the discipline Oral patology


Periodontology – syllabus V course, X semester
Syllabus for state exam in periodontology

The department of Periodontology and oral disease performs practical and theoretical student training in two distinct subjects – Periodontology and oral disease and Oral pathology.
The educational course in Periodontology and oral disease spans over two academical years in four semesters with a total of 60 hours of lecturing and 135 hours practical training. The course covers the broad spectrum of prophylaxis, diagnostics, and treatment of periodontal and oral disease. The introductory section of the educational course involves one semester (the seventh semester) of pre-clinical training in periodontal instrumentation. The course continues in its clinical setting with practical training and ends at the end of the tenth semester with a final examination. Lecturers of the course are Assoc. prof. Georgi Tomov, dm and Assoc. prof. Elena Firkova, dm. Practical training in periodontal surgery is taught by Dr. Ivan Nachkov, specialist in maxillofacial surgery.
Students’ education in Periodontology and oral disease ends with the successful completion of 60 hours of state internship in the sixth year of education. The internship in periodontology is integrated with other essential dental subjects. The completion of the state internship concludes with treatment of a complex clinical case which is to be presented before the state examination.
The department of Periodontology and oral disease provides postgraduate specialty training in Periodontology as well. In 2020, four postgraduate students have successfully completed their training, while three others are still in the postgraduate course.
The department of Periodontology organizes an annual elective practical course in laser dental medicine for its undergraduate students, as well as many other elective practical courses, varying each academical year.

Since 2007, the subject of Oral pathology is included in the syllabus plan for undergraduate education in dental medicine. Since 2012, the department of Periodontology and oral disease harbors a separate section providing education to undergraduate students in Oral pathology. Head of the Oral pathology section is Georgi Tomov, dm. Teaching assistants in the section are Dr. Maria Mutafchieva and Dr. Nikolay Nikolov. The practical and theoretical training in oral pathology spans in a total of 30 hours (15 hours of lecture and 15 hours of practical training) during the sixth semester and ends with the successful completion of a final examination.
The section of Oral pathology is the only teaching entity at the Faculty of dental medicine that supports an online educational database providing lecture notes, tests and other materials available for students. The database is available in both English and Bulgarian –

Other online links to educational material provided by the Department of periodontology and oral disease:
1. Lecture notes in Periodontology for Bulgarian-speaking students:
2. Lecture notes in Oral pathology for Bulgarian-speaking students :
3. Lecture notes in Oral pathology for English-speaking students:

Academic Staff

Up to 2020, the academic staff of the Department involves 13 academic teachers – 3 academic rank lecturers and 10 assistant professors:

1. Associate professor dr. Georgi Tomchev Tomov, d.m. – Head of the department
2. Professor dr. Elka Vakrilova Popova, d.m.
3. Associate professor dr. Elena Ilieva Firkova, d.m.
4. Dr. Nikola Vladimirov Stamenov, d.m. – senior assistant professor
5. Dr. Yana Borisova Dermendzhieva – assistant professor
6. Dr. Maria Zaharieva Mutafchieva, d.m. – assistant professor
7. Dr. Blagovesta Konstantinova Yaneva, d.m. – senior assistant professor
8. Dr. Stilyana Angelova Krasteva, d.m. – senior assistant professor
9. Dr. Nikolay Veselinov Nikolov, d.m. – assistant professor
10. Dr. Margarita Strahilova Hadzhieva – assistant professor
11. Dr. Lilia Borislavova Kavlakova – assistant professor
12. Dr. Ivan Venkov Nachkov – assistant professor
13. Dr. Mihail Zhorzh Tanev – assistant professor


The department of Periodontology and oral disease conducts scientific research in the following key fields:

  • Diseases of the periodontal tissues, the oral mucosa and the peri-implant tissues
  • Contemporary methods of treatment of the desquamative gingivitis
  • Immunobiological properties of low intensity laser radiation
  • Antimicrobial activity of certain strains of oral microbiota against periodontal pathogenic flora
  • Laser-assisted therapy of periimplantitis lesions
  • Non-invasive methods of investigation of oral cancerous lesions
  • Photodynamic therapy in the nonsurgical treatment of periodontal disease

For the period of 2016-2020, the department has taken initiative in the organization of the following international congresses and symposia:

  • 7th International Dental Laser Academy, Plovdiv – 31.03 – 02.04.2016
  • 8th International Dental Laser Academy, Plovdiv – 30.03 – 01.04.2017
  • 9th International Dental Laser Academy, Plovdiv – 22.03 – 23.03.2018
  • 17th International congress of ISLD (International Society for Laser Dentistry), Plovdiv, 06.06 – 08.06.2019

For the period of 2016 – 2020, members of the academical staff of the department had participated in nine scientific projects, of which:

  • The national scientific programme of the Ministry of education and science (MES) – Project № BG05M2OP001-2.009-0025; Science and education for intelligent growth. Participants: Dr. Mariya Mutafchieva, d.m.; Dr. Blagovesta Yaneva, d.m.
  • The scientific research fund of the Ministry of education and science (MES) – “Support for international science forums” № КП-06-МНФ/ 12 – 14.12.2018, Project lead: Dr. Georgi Tomov, d.m.
  • Internal university projects :
    • СДП-01/2015-2016; „Early diagnostics of lesions of the oral mucosa in geriatric patients; Head of research: Prof. Dr. Elka Popova; Lead researcher: Dr. N.Nikolov
    • СДП-17/2015-2016;„Laser assisted therapy of periimplantitis lesions (physical, microbiological, SEM analysis); Head of research: Prof. Dr. P.Zagorchev, Prof. Dr. E.Popova; Lead researcher: Dr. I.Nachkov
    • НО-03/2014-2016; “Applications of LLLT-therapy with diode laser (810 nm) for lichen planus lesions – immunobiological effects. Head of research: Prof. P.Zagorchev; Lead researchers: Dr. M.Draganova – Filipova; Dr. M.Mutafchieva.
    • СДП-04/2017; “Investigation of the antimicrobial activity of probiotic strains of lactobacillus against periodontal pathogens” Head of research: Dr. B.Yaneva; Lead researcher: Dr. Y. Dermendzhieva
    • СДП-06/2019; “Applications of IMPLACURE in the surgical treatment of moderate and severe periimplantitis” Head of research: Dr. N. Stamenov; Lead researcher: Dr. I. Nachkov.
    • ДПДП-04/2019; “Application of antibacterial photodynamic therapy in the non-surgical treatment of moderate chronic periodontitis” Head of research: Georgi Tomov; Lead researcher: Dr. M.Tanev “
    • ДПДП/3/2019; “Radiographic analysis of the alveolar bone structures in cross-bite teeth with gingival recession” Head of research: Prof. E.Popova; S.Krysteva; Lead researcher: Dr. S. Krysteva Georgi Tomov is a member of the executive board of ISLD (International society for laser dentistry) – ; and guest-lecturer in the laser dentistry master’s programme at The Eastman Dental Institute, London, UK (


For the period 2016-2020, members of the department (independently or in panel) have participated in the production of the following editions:

  1. Tomov G, Belcheva A. Laser Applications in Dental Medicine. Textbook for the students’ elective subject “Laser dentistry”, MUP, 2018;
  2. Фиркова Е. Fundamentals of Periodontology. Учебник, Пловдив, 2019;
  3. Фиркова Е. Multiple Choice Questions for Fundamentals of Periodontology. Сборник с тестове, Plovdiv, 2019;
  4. Кръстева А., Вл. Панов, М. Денчева, М. Балчева, Г. Томов, Я. Истаткова. Протоколна тетрадка по орална патология, София, 2020;
  5. Krasteva A., Vl. Panov, M. Dencheva, M. Balcheva, G. Tomov, Y. Istatkova. Notebook of Oral pathology, Sofia, 2020.


For the period of 2016-2020, members of the department have participated in issuing of 77 publications (27 of which referred in Scopus and Web of Science and 50 issued in non-referred editions). For the same period, the department produced 68 scientific announcements (35 of which in international forums), while the scientific activity of the department received 125 citations (98 of which from foreign authors)


For the period of 2016-2020, members of the department (independently or in panel) have participated in issuing of the following editions:

1. S. Tzanova, G.Tomov et al. – “Oral health in drug addicted patients”, Plovdiv 2011

2. A. Belcheva, Tomov G. – “Hard tooth structures in health and pathology – SEM Atlas, MU-Plovdiv, 2018


For the period of 2001 – 2020, members of the department have successfully finished the following dissertations:

  • Popova E. “Stomatitis subprothetica – paths of diagnostics, directions for etiologic treatment”, Plovdiv 2001
  • Firkova E. “Root surface treatment in chronic periodontitis” Plovdiv 2005
  • Tomov G. “Irrigation of infected root canals” Plovdiv 2009
  • Krystev B. “Minimally invasive non-surgical and surgical approach in the regeneration of infrabony periodontal defects”, Plovdiv 2012
  • Yaneva B. “Applications of ER:YAG lasers in the treatment of moderate chronic periodontitis”, Plovdiv 2014
  • Stamenov N. “Oral piercing and oral health” Plovdiv 2015
  • Mutafchieva M. “Immunobiological effects of LLLT-laser therapy in the treatment of oral lichen planus. Experimental, laboratory and clinical investigations” Plovdiv 2018
  • Krysteva S. “The role of morphological risk factors in cross-bite teeth with gingival recession in the anterior segment” Plovdiv 2019
  • Nikolov N. “Non-invasive methods for early diagnostics of oral precancerous lesions” Plovdiv 2019