Department of Diagnostic Imaging


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Dear students,

The semester exam in Diagnostic Imaging will be held in-person in Auditorium I, from 9:00 am on 13.06.2023.

An example and evaluation system can be found at the Diagnostic Imaging department section at the MU website.

Only students who have successfully passed the exam in Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy are admitted to the Diagnostic Imaging exam.

We wish you success!

The teaching of the discipline Diagnostic Imaging targets master degree students in medicine and dentistry, bachelor degree students – radiology technicians, rehabilitators, nurses, midwives.

The academic staff of the Department is actively involved in teaching English, both for English-speaking students majoring in Medicine and for international exchange students under the ERASMUS program.

The growing requirements in recent years for the curriculum and teaching formats, as well as the European and global trend for digitalization of the educational process are among the main factors that led to the introduction of electronic form of teaching and testing in the Department. Our practice in this field dates back to 2012, when we successfully introduced e-teaching, and only a year later the digitalization of the exam process. The department has developed and has its own system for generating individual tests for testing students, as well as automatic selection and repositioning of a diagnostic image. The introduced system for automatic generation of individual tests offers several thousand unique tests, and their content is determined on the basis of weighting factors of the training material. In parallel with the generation of individual tests, the system also offers individual templates for automatic verification of results.

Every year the Department organizes and conducts individual specialized courses and thematic courses in postgraduate preparation for graduates of master’s and bachelor’s degrees. The courses cover both specialized and highly specialized activities in the following areas of Imaging: basic imaging, computed tomography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging. On average, about 100 people go through the thematic courses annually, and there is an opportunity for individual training.

Academic Staff

Prof. Silviya Tsvetkova, MD, PhD – Head of the Department

Phone: 032 602 415
e-mail: [email protected]

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Magdalena Stoeva, PhD, FIOMP, FIUPESM

Phone: 032/602 415
e-mail: [email protected]

Assoc. Prof. Atanas Hilendarov, MD, PhD

Phone: +359 888 332642
e-mail: [email protected]

Assoc. Prof. Katya Doykova, MD

Phone: 032/645997, вътр.115
e-mail: [email protected]

Assist. Prof. Alexander Georgiev, MD, PhD

Phone: 032/602 415
e-mail: [email protected]

Assist. Prof. Lyubomir Chervenkov, MD, PhD

Phone: 032 602 214
e-mail: [email protected]

Assist. Prof. Sevdzhan Metuh, MD

Phone: 032/602 415
e-mail: [email protected]

Assist. Prof. Anna Vasilska, MD

Phone: 032/602 415
e-mail: [email protected]

Assist. Prof. Aleksandra Ivanova, MD

Тел: 032/602 415
e-mail: [email protected]

Assist. Prof. Anna Persenska

e-mail: [email protected]

Assist. Prof. Margarita Vlaykova

e-mail: [email protected]


During the recent years, the members of the academic team of the Department have authored and co-authored over 300 publications, over 700 scientific reports and communications, 40 monographs and manuals have been published in Bulgarian and foreign publications.

The Department has successfully conducted 12 habilitations (6 associate professors and 6 professors), defended 4 dissertations for the degree of DMN and 4 dissertations for the acquisition of ONS “Doctor”.

Members of the team of the Imaging Diagnostics Department take an active part in the management and research of the recently discovered and unique in its nature Complex for translational neuroscience at MU-Plovdiv.




„Образна диагностика на кистични лезии на панкреаса, псевдокисти и кистични неоплазми“ – Атанас Хилендаров, Кичка Велкова. (in Bulgarian)

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PhD Dissertations:
Katya Doikova, MD: „pSW-Еластография на черния дроб и слезката при оценката на плътността на черния дроб при хепатити и чернодробна цироза с вирусна етиология“ (in Bulgarian)

Lyubomir Chervenkov, MD: „Образна диагностика при заболяванията на ретроперитонеалното пространство“. (in Bulgarian)

Aleksandar Georgiev, MD: „Възможности на компютър томографската ангиография при диагностика на хроничната артериална недостатъчност на долните крайници“ . (in Bulgarian)

Nikolay Sirakov, MD: „Възможности на компютър томографската колонография като алтернативен метод за изследване на заболяванията на дебелето черво“.(in Bulgarian)

Maya Nedeva, MD: „Алгоритъм на диагностичните и терапевтични инвазивни манипулации под ултразвуков и компютър томографски контрол на патологични процеси на бял дроб и плевра“.(in Bulgarian)

Dipl. Ing. Magdalena Stoeva: „Методи и програмна система за оптимизация на качествения контрол на медицинските рентгенови апарати“(in Bulgarian)

Nikoleta Traikova, MD: „Компютър томографско изследване при възпалителни заболявания на носа и носните кухини “.(in Bulgarian)

Silviya Tsvetkova, MD: „Диагностична стойност на рентгеновата компютърна томография при количественото определяне на минералното съдържимо на костите“.(in Bulgarian)

Atanas Hilendarov, MD: „Образна диагностика на кистични лезии на панкреаса: псевдокисти и кистични неоплазми“.(in Bulgarian)
DSc Dissertations

Prof. Vladimir Sirakov: „Експериментално и клинично проучване на промените в храносмилателния канал под въздействия на лекарствени средства и токсични вещества“.(in Bulgarian)

Prof. Antoniya Nedeva: „Някои аспекти на конвенционалната и интервенционална ехография в лицево-челюстната област, шията, млечните жлези, корема и скротума“.(in Bulgarian)

Prof. Marianna Yaneva: „Палиативна лъчева терапия и качеството на живот на болните с онкологични заболявания“.(in Bulgarian)

Prof. Kichka Velkova: „Дигитална субтракционна ангиография“.(in Bulgarian)