Algorithm of notification, registration and anti-epidemic measures in case of probable, possible, and confirmed case of COVID-19 in MU-Plovdiv

1. 1. A student, tutor or other employee of MU-Plovdiv who is suspected or confirmed with CoVID-19 infection or in contact with a CoVID-19 patient must send the attached form to an inspector of the respective faculty Student Services Department via e-mail or telephone.

Е-мейл Telephone
FoM [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
032 / 200 711
032 / 200 710
032 / 200 714
032 / 200 711
032 / 200 710
0882 86 02 41
FoDM [email protected]
[email protected]
032 / 200 807
032 / 200 808
FoPh [email protected]

[email protected]

032/ 200 753
0882 892 002

032/ 200 752
0882 058 802

FoPH [email protected]

[email protected]

032 / 200 785
MC [email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]

032 /200 905
032 /693 705
032 /200 906
032 /200 907
DLST [email protected] 032 /200 653

Please attach an image of the laboratory CoVID-19 test result to the e-mail or via Viber.

2. 2. The inspectors in the Students Services Department of the respective Faculty must send the information received via e-mail and hard copy to:
2.1.Department of Epidemiology and Disaster Medicine (the respective epidemiologist with Epidemiology Section), as follows:

Tutor Telephone
FpM, FoPh, and FoPH Prof. Stoilova
Prof. Kevorkyan
FoDM Prof. Vatev
Stoeva, M.D.
MC Prof. Vatev
Hristamyan, M.D.
DLST Stoeva, M.D.
Hristamyan, M.D.

2.2 COVID-19 Register of MU-Plovdiv, Person in charge: [email protected]

3. The Epidemiology Section analyzes the case, contacts the person, and promptly returns an e-mail and a hard copy with the required anti-epidemic measures, if any, to the the Student Services Department inspector, as follows:

  • Asymptomatic or mild course of the disease – isolation at home or in a student dormitory isolator until getting a negative test result.
  • Moderate and severe course of the disease – hospital isolation.
  • All students from the group of an infected student are considered to have had prolonged contact and must switch to electronic form of education for 14 days (quarantine), considered from the date of the last contact. In case of clinical symptoms, students are subject to laboratory testing with a referral from the Regional Health Inspections/ RHI./
  • Students from groups, with which an infected tutor has been in contact, as well as the tutors who have been in contact with an infected student, will not be quarantined, if the contact was during one seminar or lecture only and everyone attending was having their mask properly on..
  • Other contacts of tutors, who follow the standard measures (proper wearing of masks), hand disinfection, and keep proper distance, and who have no clinical symptoms, will not be subject to quarantine.
  • Additional measures may be taken on case specific base.
  • Measures are subject to reassessment depending on a PCR test result

4. The SSD inspector will send the Heads of Departments the anti-epidemic measures concerning the student/tutor movement according to his/her curriculum.
5. The head of a department, with a registered case of COVID-19 of a tutor, must organize and control the chemical disinfection of the auditorium desks, door handles, and other objects surfaces.
6. The Student Services Department with the relevant faculty must keep a register of the quarantined students.
7. In the case of a quarantined group, Student Services Department with the relevant Faculty must send an informative e-mail to all departments where the group had seminars.

Notification form of a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case or contact with a person infected with COVID-19