• Theme: Real world applications of medical simulation certification programs, the 3D Systems experience

    Lecturer: Mr. Ziv Ben Ezra, Regional Sales Director Europe, 3D Systems

  • Theme: Practical tips to establish a successful sim center

    Lecturer: Prof. Evangelos Georgiou

  • Theme: Technological advances assisting simulation training in medicine

    Lecturer: Lukas Drabauer

  • Theme : Tips and tricks of endoscopic polypectomy of the colon

    Lecturer : Dr Nikola Boyanov

  • Theme : Endoscopic management of bleeding from the GIT

    Lecturer : Dr Nikola Boyanov

  • Theme : Urethral catheterization

    Lecturer : Dr Tufkova

  • Theme : Endoscopic retrograde pancreatography

    Lecturer :Dr Nikola Boyanov

  • Opening – new building of Medical Simulation Training Center at MU – Plovdiv

  • How To Insert Intravenous Cannula